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1 Yo mama so skinny when she took her first steps her legs snapped

These jokes are funny but there really mean you should think about people who are anorexic

This is simply great! I love it.

Laugh out loud to funny.

This joke weirdest joke ever

2 Yo mama so skinny she can dodge rain

Ha this ahh I can't spell its just so funny laugh out loud! Ahh not again shoot

I laughed so hard I fell on the floor and I was doing a yo mama battle and I won with this joke it was funny

Oh my gosh that S. So not funny come on people if I say I love coca cola you ll laugh

Hahaeha! These jokes are so well written, I am very amuse! I come to this country from Brazil, hoping to make a living for me and family. I hate this country but. The womans are very friendly.

3 Yo mama so skinny when she was pregnant no one noticed

That was so funny but I don't think that could happen

Imagine her fighting with the doctor about that!

I think that was hilarious and sad I'm still using it at school though laugh out loud!

Ha ha ha ha ha so stupid

4 Yo mama so skinny when she dropped her watch in the drain she slid through the railings of the drain to get it

Man that's so funny

Laugh out loud I going to be in tears bytye end of dis

That jokes mean but hilerious

5 Yo mama so skinny that she has to run around in the bath just so she can get wet

Laugh out loud. Man! The momma must have starved herself for ages in each of her birth. If she is so skinny, I wonder how does stay on land.

That was really funny! Laugh out loud!

That one is funny!

This is so funny! ¡¡¡

6 Yo mama so skinny when she was about to get hit by a train the train missed

It is really really good

Was she really that skinny!?

Hahahhahahha this one was hilarious

Laugh out loud so funny best one ever by...pooface

7 Yo mama so skinny she fell through the hole of the toilet

I'm going to use this at school.

I think that I should be on the number 1 comment list

She can't sit on the toilet. Of course she'll fall in!

Honestly the best of them all

8 Yo mama so skinny when she was little her dad accidentally thought her legs were matchsticks and tried to light up a fire

Laugh out loud I got it, you know how matches are small and thin, mainly wood, well she is that skinny :P

! I'm crying about this one good one

How do you not get it it's so easy

LOL! I love this joke!

9 Yo mama so skinny she fell through the little lines of the patterns on the chair

I love this one it's just so funny

Lol this is hilarious

That was funny $$$$$.

I love this one ♥

10 Yo mama so skinny when the wind blew she flew away

Its going to be funny

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11 Yo mama so skinny when she stepped on a scale nothing came up

Yo that was funny dog

I think it is a bit better than yo mamma so fat jokes. Ha ha

I'm going you it

Well that was goo but not as funny as the third one

12 Yo mama so skinny when she goes to work nobody notices her at the cash register

Sorry, I Guess You Still Have No Money

13 Yo mama so skinny her secret hiding place is under the sofa
14 Yo mama so skinny she turned sideways and disappeared

This was the best joke ever in the history of jokes

15 Yo mama so skinny she only has 1 stripe on her pajamas

I told it too my friend and he started cring

What a funny thing 👏

16 Yo mama so skinny she got lost in a pea
17 Yo mama is so skinny that even the letter l is fatter than her

I'm gonna use it in my school.

18 Yo mama so skinny when she ate a meatball I thought she was pregnant

The best joke I've ever heard

The best one out of any of the other jokes listed above

Better than the ones above

Good one... better than the other one about pregnancy

19 Yo mama so skinny she can do push ups under the door

That's hilarious... I'm gonna use that

Best joke in the history of jokes ever

This is too funny

LOL! This joke is cool!

20 Yo mama so skinny she could not have you

This is so stupid its funny

21 Yo mama so skinny when she stepped on the scale the reading was in negative numbers

Laugh out loud I just thought of that on the spot

22 Yo mama so skinny she isn't fat

This is so sad I'm. Just laughing because it's so stupid and this is just a very very sad joke

Haha great! Classic anti-joke.

I think this joke is the best out of every joke in the world!


23 Yo mama is so skinny whenever she sleeps you can't find her in the morning

Haha that's so funny

I think this one's quite good

24 Yo mama is so skinny that when she wants to get out of jail she just goes through the bars

This is so funny! My moms friend is skinny :D

Pretty funny but lame

Yeah, this is a classy.

25 Yo mama so skinny that she hides behind a toothpick.
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