Best Yogscast Members

The Top Ten Best Yogscast Members

1 Sips

Easily the best. Got me through some tough times. Spent the last 10 years listening and watching the son of a butch.

He is a magnificent bastard

The Greatest Dirt Manufacturer ever

The real guy. The best guy.

2 Lewis

Without Lewis, there wouldn't be yogscast, Simon and Lewis creates the best duo which started this whole thing. Lewis is smart and funny at the same time, great combo.

He is the best person of the yogscast because of the time he has been there

Charismatic 1337 pro gamer smarter than Einstein. Also looks great in a bee costume.

Simons second-half and the leader of the group.

3 Simon

Jaffa cakes + awesomeness + TNT + dwarf = Simon

Simon is the face of the Yogscast, and when he's not screaming like a maniac, he's easily the funniest member of the entire team.

I started looking at his and simons videos, I still love them so much. He and Lewis are best

Simon is the man but if Kim were an option it would have to be her. She's so hot. I love short girls...

4 Duncan

Duncan is the coolest guy ever.

Duncan is amazingly awesome.

You are the best and when you laugh, it seems to make the world do the same.

He's literally the reason I started playing Minecraft.

5 Sjin

Awesome guy funny brilliant trolls and his solo series are the best

He's so funny and trolly but he always knows what he's doing because he intelligent as well.

Sjin is totally the best I just love feed the world and his lets build series. He doesn't swear at all unlike sips Lewis simon and Duncan.

Simon and Lewis introduced me to yogscast and sjin made me love it

6 HatFilms

I love Hatflms!

I like how, despite how stupid they make themselves out to be, they are actually master tacticians and payers!

Like in PVP Japan, they decided to hide and gather all the gear, instead of going straight into a fight. They kept all of their members, and crushed everyone else.

They are also by far the most dangerous. Point case, take Smith. In FTB he makes a nuke that destroys a cherry blossom biome. He can make more at any time.

They are also really funny, and balance each other out, Ross being the most sane, Trott being slightly less sane, and a bit of a try hard, but really sweet, and Smith, is just awesome!

I am a follower of the hand of truth, which brings me onto my next rant.

What HAPPENED IN CORNERSTONE? All Hatfilms did was make a not-cult, they did no wrong! So, screw everyone else!

My favorite video, by far, is Crown Conquest part 3, both in their versions and Bepvopbox's. Why? Well, in it, Smith joins with him ...more

They were much lower then they should be, so I voted for them, but my real fave is Sips.

These raunchy bastards are the best and should have well over 1 million subscribers by now. GET THESE SCRUB LORDS OVER!

Epic Bunch of people go HATFILMS!

7 Kim

Even with the endless innuendos she's still amazing, when paired with Duncan all hell breaks loose but paired with Hannah it's much more tense/serious as they mainly don't want to die.

Kim is my favorite because she Is really really really sweet and she is the 2nd most popular female in yogscast in about half a year. she swears like every 50 videos! I love her so much!

2013 the new member

She's a serious member brilliant with Duncan while have got boring kim continues to make brilliant content if she still make content

8 Hannah

Her Christmas advent calendar is amazing to watch!

Her owl island is AMAZING!

Love her reactions and playthroughs.

Down vote

9 Martyn

Martyn does so many different games but will always go back to his roots with the Legend of Zelda, he was the person who I first saw of the Yogscast and YouTube as a whole.

Martyn's like the best guy ever, he's always so happy! :) Can't believe he's not higher!

Saw him first. He is child-friendly, and great to watch on a friday evening.

He dose so many different games and his commentating is amazing!

10 Rythian

Most badass name ever.

Come on, people always forget that Rythian was almost always there.

A really cool guy. I think he is underrated

The Contenders

11 Zoey

She is so giggly. Honestly just seems like a genuinely nice person.

Happiness and rainbows focused into a single person.

Zoey is an inspiration to everyone struggling with anxiety/depression. She has made me realize that life is worth living.

Shes so inspiring and happy and awesome

12 Angor

His duo with Ben on things like TTT and Warhammer really makes him a hilarious member. And the others always seem to trust him.

Really funny and has a hilariously flat voice

Tom is entertaining because rather than try to win, he's goal is to have fun and/or screw everyone else over. This makes him the reason I prioritise videos with him in it rather than others

The most charismatic, the the manipulative way

13 Nilsey


Always love the nilesinator, with his protessional minesweeper skills...

He has done a bunch of different game types and I loved his mcpixel videos. he's a great YouTuber

Definitely the most protessional YouTuber.

14 Turps

The real master at screaming very, very loudly. 10/10

He's really funny in the things he's in

Probably the best at social activies, and thus puns, jokes, and hilarity.

A great CEO of the yogscast and hilarious in videos too

15 Sparkles*
16 Zylus

Quite funny although doesn't upload on his own channel (sad times)

Does not deserve to be down this far.

17 Strippin
18 Pyrion Flax

He stinks and is an awful addition to the cast

Funny bald man

19 Ridgedog

His "Yogscast Complete" series is the most fabulous thing in the Universe.

He is very funny and deserves way more subs

Rigde needs to keep up the good work

RIDGE DOGE IS AWESOME - bob_mc_bobinson

20 Kaeyi Dream

So nice and beautiful

Yogscast Kaeyi Dream everyone :D

21 Veteran Harry
22 Ravs
23 Teutron

draws good

24 iSorrow Productiond

He’s hillarious. HOI4 for the win.

25 Panda

Love his plague inc he did and who does not like pandas

You're one of the best people I've ever seen

26 Will

Very hard worker

He makes so much progress in each episode of modded Minecraft. Not only that but he is very entertaining too.


Of course I am voting YOGSCAST Lever, he is amazing, and I love his lets play of Chicken Massacre Simulator 2014. 10/10, Game of the Year.

The best lever, the real lever!

His chichen massacre videos are pretty good

28 Pyrion

His Rust series was the greatest series of all time

29 Gamechap

Gamechap is my 2nd favorite after Beepvox

30 Parv

Parv is not the best but does amazing things

31 FredMalm
32 Israphel

Don't know you but I'm sure you're great

My name in Minecraft is Israphel_
Beacause I like the series Shadow of Israphel

33 Triforce!

Sips + Lewis +Pflax

34 Sam

Just a generally beautiful man. SMASH ME LIKE YOUR MONITOR PAPI yogGasm

35 Benjizm
36 Minty
37 Tee
38 Ceeraanoo
39 Daltos
40 SoTotallyToby
41 Adam
42 Dave

Hey no yogscast are bad. They all need to be showed love

I am shocked that Dave is so far down. He is the master.

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