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21 Panda

Love his plague inc he did and who does not like pandas

You're one of the best people I've ever seen


Of course I am voting YOGSCAST Lever, he is amazing, and I love his lets play of Chicken Massacre Simulator 2014. 10/10, Game of the Year.

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23 Gamechap V 1 Comment
24 Parv

Parv is not the best but does amazing things

25 Veteran Harry
26 Will

He makes so much progress in each episode of modded Minecraft. Not only that but he is very entertaining too.

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27 Benjizm
28 Minty
29 Tee
30 FredMalm
31 Ceeraanoo
32 Daltos
33 Ravs
34 SoTotallyToby
35 Teutron
36 Adam
37 Israphel

Don't know you but I'm sure you're great

My name in Minecraft is Israphel_
Beacause I like the series Shadow of Israphel

38 Dave

Hey no yogscast are bad. They all need to be showed love

I am shocked that Dave is so far down. He is the master.

39 Pyrion

His Rust series was the greatest series of all time

40 Triforce! V 1 Comment
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