Best Young the Giant Songs

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1 Cough Syrup

This is definitely number hope I won't get any arguments.

Cough Syrup... Ah the rawness! Sends quite a direct message, doesn't it? I love it, and the sad beauty of it. Sameer has the perfect voice for this song! I really feel the lyrics more than I can hear them.

2 My Body
3 Apartment

Young the Giant did an awesome acoustic series on YouTube. If you haven't seen it yet it is something you have to do. Look up "young the giant in the open" in YouTube. I promise you won't regret it.

I love this song don't know why it's not that popular with them though.

4 Islands
5 I Got
6 Silvertongue
7 Something to Believe In
8 St. Walker
9 Mind Over Matter

The perfect definition of a song you just gotta listen to every single day.

Why is this not higher up

10 Guns Out

This is my all time favorite YtG song, not sure why it’s not more popular. Amazing song, love the lyrics, and the overall sound.

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? Camera

One of the best Synth songs of YTG, ending is pure masterclass

The Contenders

11 Mr. Know-It-All
12 It's About Time
13 Crystallized
14 Strings
15 Amerika

One of their most captivating songs and one of their most beautiful in my opinion. definitely deserves a higher spot on the list

16 Anagram

Best so far by them, whats it doing down here

17 Teachers
18 Your Side
19 Garands
20 God Made Man

Amazing build-up and evolvement of the song, pretty nice bass guitar in this, superb words and voice by Sameer Gadhia.

21 Firelight

One of the best songs I have ever listened to in my life - peaceful, deep vibe and atmosphere you can easily get lost in, catchy guitar. These guys are so creative!

22 Eros
23 12 Fingers
24 Every Little Thing
25 Typhoon
26 Waves

Only the greatest song ever

27 Paralysis
28 Art Exhibit
29 Jungle Youth
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1. Apartment
2. My Body
3. Cough Syrup
1. Apartment
2. Silvertongue
3. Cough Syrup
1. Cough Syrup
2. Something to Believe In
3. My Body

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