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1 Put On

This pump-up song is great both Jeezy and Ye, and Drumma Boy makes a great beat

2 I Luv It

This song sorta rips off TI's What You Know but still a great song

3 My Hood

Best song from Young Jeezy ever

Awesome young jezzy song

4 Vacation
5 Soul Survivor
6 Hustlaz Ambition
7 Leave You Alone
8 My N****
9 Hold On (Shut Up)
10 Go Getta

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11 F.A.M.E.

One of my favorite songs of all time, F.A.M.E is dark, powerful and awesome. This song inspired me to like Jeezy b/c it's about his life and how he responds to criticism.T.I is awesome in this song too and Snowman's 1st verse is spectacular. Before I listened to this song, I assumed that he was all about money and hoes. - bishop.moore07

12 Who Dat
13 My President - Young Jeezy

I like the song but jayz did very bad in it - pumpkin_pie_eater_67

14 Amazin'
15 Crazy World
16 By the Way
17 Welcome Back
18 Circulate
19 R.I.P.
20 Lose My Mind
21 And Then What
22 Me OK
23 White Girl
24 Ballin'
25 I'll'in
26 Air Forces
27 Get Right
28 I'm So Paid
29 Top Back (Remix)
30 Love in This Club
31 Out Here Grindin
32 I'm Goin' In
33 Goin Hard
34 Work Hard Play Hard (Remix)

Lil Wayne killed it Young Jeezy did to Wiz Khalifa so good - pumpkin_pie_eater_67

35 I Put On for My City

I love this song is one of my most favorite songs and Jeezy - pumpkin_pie_eater_67

36 I Do
37 Seen It All

How was this not up here before now?

"Still the realest in this...y'all know it"

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1. Put On
2. Soul Survivor
3. I Luv It
1. Put On
2. I Luv It
3. Soul Survivor
1. Put On
2. Soul Survivor
3. I Luv It

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