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21 Bitch Got a Penis

Why wasn't the rest of the YFM band featured although this was DeeJay's own song? This song could have a Cosmic Toast Studios re-run.

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22 Whip Yo Kids

I don't know why this song isn't up there. Up til' now all my friends still agree it's the best.

Puff Puff: Cause all...
I need, is a Beauty and a Beat
That can make my life complete
It's all...
'Bout you, when the music makes you move
Baby, do it like you do

Your Favorite Martian feat Nicki Minaj & Pac-Man (voiced by Chris Brown) in Beauty & a Beat

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23 Text Me Back
24 Somebody That I Used to Know

Vote it up people. This is the best song ever in the history of the universe.

I hate this cover so much! I prefer a Need You Now parody from the YFM band called "Need To Dump".

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25 Love the Way You Lie
26 Epileptic Techno

There could be "Amnesiac Techno" whereas Amy Rose loses her memory in the beginning of Your Favorite Martian Land 4: The Never-Ending Hellhole!

Come on it's the best song by your favourite martian!

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27 Santa Hates Poor Kids

Santa Hates Poor Kids feat Princess Daisy, Knuckles the Echidna, Pac-Man, Jack Skellington & Knuckles the Echidna. Also, have a lot of faith (like us) that Your Favorite Martian will eventually come back from retirement.

This song is cool, but mean, why would Santa hate poor kids?

28 My Girl
29 Sh***y G.

The general lee, LETS OFFEND SOME Democrats. As a YFM fan ig give a thumbs up

30 Booty Store

I like the part where the girl starts playing guitar with her bum

Vector the Crocodile admires Kalypso Kremling's junk in the trunk in the 3D re-run.

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31 We Like Them Girls

Princess Daisy from the Mario franchise was in this music video, right?

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32 Fight to Win
33 Stalkin' Your Mom V 1 Comment
34 Puppet Break-Up

This should be top 1! Also, Your Favorite Martian could work with Princess Daisy from the Mario series with Tails from the Sonic series.

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35 High Voltage
36 Boom Headshot

I think that the Your Favorite Martian band will bring back the show & the music videos & make an album. Other than that, Your Favorite Martian will have 3D feature films, several crossovers & video games.

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37 Fight for Your Right

I'd fight for my right, also.

Besides, Your Favorite Martian will return from its retirement.

38 Jump Around
39 Dookie Fresh
40 She Looks Like Sex
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