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181 Shanna Malcolm

I love this girl - ParkerFang

182 Matthew Santoro

This guys hilarious needs more creepypasta videos though

He's so funny he tells the facts but jokes too

183 Kurzgesagt Kurzgesagt

This is so low on the list :(

184 AwesomenessTV

It has every you tuber! Why is it so low?

It has jennxpenn and andrea why else would I vote

Isn't that a T.V. show?

The original version, why not? But the Nickelodeon version imported from YouTube?! HELL NO! >:(

185 Cryaotic

In my opinion, Cry is one of the best YouTubers out there. He really cares about his fans, is calm and hilarious, and has one of the most relaxed comment sections on the site. It's a disappointment that he is so low on this list, he deserves to be much higher.

He definitely has the sexiest voice on YouTube

Why is Cry so low on the list? His voice aside, he's just a downright amazing guy! Honestly, I've been watching him for so long that I don't really notice his voice. What's great about him is that he is funny, he cares about his fans, plays quality games (none of that mainstream crap), and doesn't have to show his face for people to love him. Cry is the most amazing YouTuber out there. For all of these years, I've proudly watched his channel grow into this (mostly) amazing fan base. Sure, we have crazy fangirls and maybe some questionably young viewers, but, hey, what can you do about it? Anyways, if you've made it to the end of this, you should check out his channel. I guarantee it'll make your day.

186 Cap'nDesDes
187 Remi Gaillard

His pranks are so funny and I can't get enough! I just wonder how he is not arrested yet...

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188 SergioRazta
189 Bl00dBlitz
190 inthelittlewood

Great laugh and a sweet out look on gaming

191 Mini Ladd V 1 Comment
192 Tommy H
193 JT Machinima
194 ElectricDragon505


The actual YouTuber himself. Not just Animat Reviews. That said, he's very humorous in his videos and always does great movie reviews. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

195 ChrisMD
196 Captaindisillusion
197 Thunderbirds101
198 NickiNor2
199 Hevesh5
200 FlaviusOctaviusTube
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