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241 Cjszero01

Deserves to be in top 100. He can be a little boring, but he's amazing in his videos. Plus, he does top 10's for like, everything!

242 PMRants

I like him better than ADoseofBuckley because he has more charisma. He isn't trying to be angry in his videos like most ranters, he's just trying to be as honest and outspoken as he can be. He's calm, smart, funny, and creative. He's very underrated in my opinion.

He's rational. Meaning that he'll respect your opinion if he disagrees with it or not.

I love all of his videos. The only one I don't like from him is the brutal/deathcore is not music video.

It is funny the way he copies them

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243 MandJtv
244 Top5s

This show is always entertaining to watch

245 YourPalRoss V 1 Comment
246 Marcus Dibble
247 Haedox

I think he should be less boring, but his Sonic Hate Video was awesome. - DCfnaf

248 Idubbbztv
249 HigaTV

This should be higher up.. It's an amazing channel!

250 callmemarcus1
251 PsychicPebbles

Off the wall insanity that will be remembered. His cartoons are humorous and leave you waiting for the next one.

252 Ghey For Games
253 ChicaFazbear32
254 CharminEXSoft
255 Deep Look
256 theDominicShow

LOVE thedominicshow! So much. D-Trix is hilarious. I don't know how he can come up with his skits. Hilarious. GO YTF!

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257 HISHEdotcom
258 CultOfDusty
259 JoshJepson
260 tweeber69
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