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261 davedays

Dave Days' channel was actually one of my first YouTube channels I ever stumbled across back about 6 years ago and happens to still be one of my favorites. He has a god given talent at guitar, his singing is wonderful, and his parodies are hilarious. If you're looking for some good pop-punk song covers, Dave Days never disappoints.

Just check his videos... I love them... just amazing, he should be #1... check his videos... and you wil get addicted...

262 Kickthepj

He's so creative. I always amazed by his videos.

263 CTFxC

Charles is literally such an inspirational, funny, amazing guy! He should be way higher on this list.. he's been through a hell of a lot- cancer, brain surgery x2, divorce- and is generally a busy guy, being constantly on tour, but never ceases not to post. Did I mention he's been vlogging for over 2,500 days straight without missing a day? Him and Allie are literal goals and I love them so much

264 Versus
265 Rye-Rye99
266 Undertakerfreak1127

John Danz Jr is massively underrated. I've never seen someone who is more loving and dedicated to their fans. He lets them video chat with him for hours completely FREE, he accepts any friend request on Facebook, he gives advice to his fans if they're having problems with their lives and has made videos about his own struggles that helped others. He may come off as angry at times but deep down I know he can't help it. He had a very rough and chaotic childhood and has come out the other side better than most people who were in the same situation.

267 EthosLab

Ethos Lab Is A Great Minecraft Channel For Beginners And Experts He Never Ever Swears He Is A Master Of Redstone He Never Shows His Face And He Plays On Mindcrack A Minecraft Server For Famous Minecrafters Only I Suggest That You Wacth His Lets Play Series 1- Ongoing Its Great he's A Nice Guy And He Deserves To B #1

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268 Element Animation

One of the few Minecraft animation channels that I enjoy watching. - DikkunDiniandTwiTheAwesomeLinx

The crack is so funny! They should at least be in the top 100!

Do do do do do do do do do do villager news!

269 MunchingOrange

This guy is funny. very successful

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270 HolaSoyGerman
271 Nicobbq V 1 Comment
272 Brad Holmes
273 Neuro Transmissions
274 supermarioluigi379

Seth's Mario And Luigi's Epic And Retarded Adventures Is so awesome!

275 Lifesimmer

This girl makes the best sims and sim stories. Show us your face though!

276 ABrandonToThePast
277 Thunderf00t
278 kwingsletsplays
279 Poppy
280 Univeralmusicgroup
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