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301 ArloStuff

Gaming's greatest puppet. - BiggerJ

302 xXSlyFoxHoundXx

He's funny, goofy, and mostly known for his "Golden Giggle". Sly (Eddie) does many playthroughs of games such as: Metal Gear Rising, Kingdom Hearts, Minecraft, Spore, etc. Unlike other YouTubers, he reaches out to his fans and interacts with them.

303 Undertakerfreak1127

John Danz Jr is massively underrated. I've never seen someone who is more loving and dedicated to their fans. He lets them video chat with him for hours completely FREE, he accepts any friend request on Facebook, he gives advice to his fans if they're having problems with their lives and has made videos about his own struggles that helped others. He may come off as angry at times but deep down I know he can't help it. He had a very rough and chaotic childhood and has come out the other side better than most people who were in the same situation.

304 Mr. Nightmare

His creepy stories are amazing - bobbythebrony

305 DanAndPhilGAMES

I love this channel! It's just a bunch of Let's Plays with tons of witty banter and hilarity.

I am Phan trash

306 Ask A Mortician
307 12Medbe
308 MrDeshawnRaw
309 MyMusicShow
310 Nerd³

I heard He Should be in the 25 of the list myself

311 LaToyaForever
312 TheDeluxe4
313 Jhofffilms
314 Jimi Jackson
315 The Demodcracy
316 Mike Korzemba
317 FnafFan 126
318 Media Master
319 Pink Floyd Vevo
320 Csandreas
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