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21 Our2ndLife

I love that lot so much but are they not together any more if they are then why because that is so sad. :(

Miss this group, but there's enough videos on the channel to keep you occupied for a long long time.

I really hope everyone (Including Connor and Ricardo) come back someday

They are amazing I still can't believe they are not together anymore

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22 Yogscast

This high up? That would have been reasonable 5 years ago when they were funny. But now? A defibrillator doesn't fix a gunshot wound, does it pal?

It's so relaxing and uplifting when watching these guys fool around on any game they can get their hands on.

So funny. like being part of a gaming family

When I grow up I want to be a potato

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23 Markiplier

Cracks me up every time. Every episode of his is different. He also is a very charitable person with a positive effect on the world. Go check him out if you haven't already

Great guy, loud and obnoxious. wouldn't have it any other way! I saw him up on the list as Markipliergame but the game part annoyed me

Why's he so far down on the list? Mark always makes me laugh, and is one of the only YouTubers I've seen who actually cares about his subscribers. He does a lot of work with charity, and is pretty hilarious.

Woo I think this guys awesome just saw him, but I think he was fantastic

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24 IISuperwomanII

She is human just like the rest of us. She can make fun of herself. She is generally one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen, both inside and out. She makes videos trying really hard to make us (TeamSuper) happy. She wants to inspire someone to overcome depression and be positive. She is HILARIOUS and despite her fame, she still cares about her fanbase. All of her videos are super relatable. When she dresses as her parents or collabs with people, she is simply remarkable. If IISuperwomanII is reading this, thanks for inspiring me to be a happier person

She's really funny and I like her straightfoward sense of humor with her vast variety of facial expressions. I like how she pokes fun at herself and stereotypes. Relatable too. She's an interesting and inspirational person. She puts a lot of work and effort into her work. She's awesome and crazy beautiful. She's the kind of awesome humor that makes super charismatic and enjoyable to watch.

She's super funny and relatable, she has amazing stories, and works really hard on her skits, plus her rants are awesome

She is the best...i just love her...

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25 ConnorFranta

Connor is such an inspiring person. He's all about following your dreams and never giving up.

He is so funny and can always make my day.

I love him he's cute and laugh out loud

He is so inspiring and truly HILARIOUS!

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26 Jacksepticeye

I am really surprised that Jacksepticeye didn't get much higher on the list. He is the funniest and most entertaining YouTuber I know of. Whenever you are having a bad day, he is the guy you should go to that will cheer you up and put a big smile on your face

But most importantly, he is... THE BOSS OF ALL BOSSES!

He's becoming the new "mascot" of Happy Wheels, replacing Tobuscus - MusicalPony

Funniest and best YouTuber ever!

To me this guy is the funniest YouTube EVER! He enjoys what he does and is ALL AROUND BOSS! If this gets put on the list and Jack reads this I just want to say to him Keep on Being a Boss LIKE A BOSS

Surprised he isn't in top 10

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27 I Hate Everything

Now before most of you go "oh this guy sounds too angry for my taste," he's actually a really calm and honest guy who has constructive criticisms and great views on things. He's definitely worth checking out.

I discovered this channel a couple weeks ago, now I've seen every one of his videos - Empoperking

So good to find this guy on the list. I love his channel!

He is hilarious.

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28 Nostalgia Critic

I've been watching this guy videos since a really long time now. Yeah, he has very specific style (his screaming can make one furious) and it's not for everyone, but I love it - some of his works made me literally laugh out insanely loud. And what's most important - he knows what he saying. I mean, he has knowledge on cinematography and I learned a lot from him. Bad script, direction, you name it - fewer and fewer movies can get away with it flaws from me :-D

Holy hell, he made it this high up? Good for him! I love him, but seeing him this high is shocking to me. He's not my best mind you, but I'm still happy for him.

How is Nostalgia Critic not in the top 10? Nostalgia Critic is without a doubt the funniest movie reviewer I've ever seen! - Disneykid00

Oh hell yes NC is amazing!

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29 ScrewAttack!

I only like Death Battle from ScrewAttack. I don't like the other things they do. But Death Battle alone is so good, that I have to vote for them

There amazing At What they Do!

There the Best ScrewAttack are a Great Company Too Check out there Website They are Beyond Just YouTubers - Curti2594

They created great death battles. - Skullkid755

I hate death battle I watch cartoon fight club

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30 SmoshGames

I love Smosh, so naturally I checked out Smosh Games too. THEY ARE AWESOME! I wish Ian and Anthony were in Game Bangs still, which is why I don't watch this channel much, but for any gamer who wants to see funny gaming channels, this is one of the best.

I just love Smosh in general. This should be included with regular Smosh! But still, I love it! - gakupo4eva

I dislike this channel because it isn't even smosh.

I love dem

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31 Amazingphil Amazingphil

Phil is adorable. He is just a little ray of sunshine. He is one of the nicest people on the Internet. His little awkward tendencies and things just make me smile. Who could hate this big guy? He and Dan should be closer together, as they often make videos together. I LOVE them together and he needs to be voted for. IT MAKES ME CRAFT THAT HE IS UNDERAPPRECIATED. - TheWiseOne

How is he 42 and Dan is like 13? THEY DO ALMOST EVERY VIDEO TOGETHER. Like if Phil isn't your cup of tea, fine, but considering they have pretty much the same fandom, why are they so far apart? Please get this adorable cinnamon roll to his place in top 10 with Dan!

This guy is hilarious, and has the greatest obsession to cover Mac products in pictures of cats. Phil never ceases to make me laugh :3

He should be in the top ten up with dan because he does so much for dan

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32 ADoseofBuckley

A genius angry comedian who couldn't give less about what you think of him. His videos are funny, honest, and original. I'm always laughing or snickering at his dark humor.

Buckley is the Canadian Jesus!

He's one of the most honest, original, and funniest you tuber you'll ever see!

He is so insightful on so many topics and is just laugh out loud funny.

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33 lisbug

Her channel used to be good back then, it was an awesome gaming channel, but then sadly, since she met Shane Dawson and later broke up with him, she's started turning into another one of those stereotypical YouTubers, cussing, talking too much about sex, and lately, DIYs, Why?

Lisbug is adorable and I LOVE her daily videos! She does great collabs with other YouTubers such as Shanna, Shane, Joey, Alexis G. Zall, and many more! She cracks me up every single day! Her dares and challenges are probably my favorite! Her dog Corny (Unicorn) is just adorable!

34 Zoella

Amazing! Honestly so inspiring with all she's been through and she's helped me through a lot! How people don't like her I do not know haha! She makes beauty and sometimes funny and serious videos, shes beautiful and funny and I defiantly recommend you checking out her channel!

Does not deserve to be on this list. Her videos are devoid of any quality content, she's taking advantage of naive preteens to push her pathetic "novel" on, and she glorifies both anxiety and a really unhealthy lifestyle.

I can't believe someone could hate on such a beautiful, wonderful, kind person

She is amazing

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35 JoeyGraceffa

Tots amazing watch him all the time!

He is SO FUNNY. He should definitely be higher on the list.

I HATE ukelele music and I HATE his voice.

It is very dumb

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36 Communitychannel

I don't understand why some people don't like her; I mean some of her videos are SO RELATABLE. Her videos are unique and they are comedic at the same time! I especially love her "Your Mom Rates Me" phrase at the end of her videos, and how she over dramatizes a lot of things (the dramaticness makes it funny). She is also an expert on playing multiple roles, and she has never lost her modesty even after gaining 1.6 million subscribers! She is really underrated compared to YouTube's hottest stars like Tyler Oakley, Zoella, PewDiePie and TheFineBros. I want to see her do more collabs with other YouTubers!

I love her sense of humour and how relatable her videos are. Nat's videos are always joy to watch for me!

'And this will all be a part of my kingdom'

BEST... YouTube... CHANNEL... EVER
She is so relatable, and Australian, like me.
She is funny and creative
Does NOT deserve to be #34

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37 Jacksgap

Jack and finn are just... AMAZING! Seriously though, if you haven't watched them they watch them, I guaranty that you will fall in love!

They are amazing! When I'm bad I'm watching their videos. They always make my day!

Jacksgap are clearly the best as they produce great funny contenet as well as particiapting in charity events helping raise money

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38 PeanutButterGamer

He is one of the funniest gamers out there, and even manages to make entertaining let's plays. That is a feat that is yet to be matched by nearly anyone else.

Incredibly underrated and my personal favourite channel. Should definitely be in the top 50.

He may be small but he's better then pewd and that's for sure! His Hey you, PIKACHU! Video is hilarious and his hardcore series on his gameplay channel is amazing

Amazing and hilarious youtuber/gamer

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39 IanH

He's so funny. I love Lunchtime with Smosh and Ian is bored!

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40 JonTron JonTron Jonathan Aryan "Jon" Jafari, best known by his internet pseudonym JonTron, is an American comedian, reviewer, and internet personality.

If he uploaded more often. He'd be 10+ mil subscribers. He'd be like pewdiepie and some how be BIGGER than the hair dye plague. He doesn't need to be edgy or socially correct, just be jontron.

My personal second favorite. Jontron is hilarious, and surprisingly original. The only problem is rare uploads.

Why is he so low in this list? The top YouTubers are crap

He's so good, he's on here twice - Sanicball

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