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401 Riffs04
402 EmperorTigerstar

This guy educates people with animated maps! He's a genius!

He is an amazing YouTuber who has a unique way of animating history on maps. Highly recommend.

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404 VideoGameDunkey

No man's sky more like no guy buy haha

What can I say, his videos are hilarious.

Not even close baby!


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405 RomanAtwoodVlogs

He make my day by laughing all the friends watch him I'm so glad I found him.

This should be at number 2 (after romans main channel)

He is a great you tuber I recommend him to keep you company and he will always make you smile he also owns his own company called smilemore I love watching his videos,being on other people's channels and also love to make myself smile his channel and videos definitely work go check him out! 😎

406 CaseyNeistat

He's too good for this list.

The best ever!

Casey neistat has is rubbish

*Wins YouTuber of the year award against pewdiepie and superwoman*

*places 414 on the list*

Mmmhhm, yeah, logic.

407 SuperCarlinBrothers

I love Disney and Pixar and I love their theories! Did I mention these socks are amazing.

Hey brother!

Hey brother!

408 ChaoticMonki

Cry is such an awesome cute guy! Why is he so low on the list, have you ever checked out his channel? He deserves to be #1

I don't understand why he's so low on this list, he's such a funny and sweet guy. He deserves to be in the top ten's.

Why is he so low on the list?! You people, you don't know comedy

He's low on the list because everybody votes for his other username, cryaotic. Vote for that instead.

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409 Thinknoodles

Kid friendly. Funny. Puts minions on his channel. How do you hate him?

He,s 28 on famous birthdays in minecraft gamers

He's epic!
He's a brilliant gamer and is my favourite youtuber ever
Vote thinknoodles

410 ItsFunneh

Really? I hate this channel. Its again one of those channels that only do Minecraft and Roblox and use clickbait titles. Also her videos make me cringe. Her voice is so squeaky I would rather take the sound of nails on a chalkboard instead of her voice. Oh and that means her friends too. Know what I just hate roblox youtubers in general. Well there is a couple I like but there is only few. And ItsFunneh is not one of them. I know a better YT name for her "ItsCringy" much better. - spodermanfan1000

411 actonme12
412 fluffeetalks
413 GuitarHeroPhenom

His Through the Fire and Flames guide helps a lot! - Dragonfire

414 europaustralia
415 Yoshiisdead
416 chestersee
417 Vlogbrothers

One simple word : lovely. That is what they R. It is a channel which is educational, qualified and hilarious at the same time. Could you imagine that? (Remember, you will have fun and learn stuff)

418 PurpleP663
419 RedLetterMedia

Great in depth reviews and I love Best of the Worst.

It should be #1

420 PrestonPlayz-Minecraft

#1 easily


He's awesome he's the master at parkour pretty good at PVP he's a sin pie
And he's really good at bows. Dear sin pie Prestonplayz from cactus jones Jesse Tuls and I am a boy

He is my favorite 21 year old and YouTuber he has very very good quality and amazing at what he does he has 2.7 something high million subscribers. my opinion about preston: :D :D

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