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401 europaustralia
402 Yoshiisdead
403 chestersee
404 Vlogbrothers

One simple word : lovely. That is what they R. It is a channel which is educational, qualified and hilarious at the same time. Could you imagine that? (Remember, you will have fun and learn stuff)

405 PurpleP663
406 PrestonPlayz-Minecraft

#1 easily


He's awesome he's the master at parkour pretty good at PVP he's a sin pie
And he's really good at bows. Dear sin pie Prestonplayz from cactus jones Jesse Tuls and I am a boy

He is my favorite 21 year old and YouTuber he has very very good quality and amazing at what he does he has 2.7 something high million subscribers. my opinion about preston: :D :D

407 Animenz Piano Sheets

He deserves to be at least in the top tens. He is really talented. - ToukaKirishima

408 Pyrocynical

Haha, he's a furry and a dumb brit, he's not as annoying as leafy though and I lowkey wouldn't mind some of that foxy booty pun intended god kill me

Defiantly the best reactor

Oops I said it - Typhlosion

409 Logan Paul Logan Paul
410 RVO174
411 Ryan Higa

Nigahiga is already on the list. Don't be greedy. - neel9248

412 Wheezy Waiter

No votes? Come on? He is one of the best vloggers among KevJumba and Nigahiga

413 Romanatwood

Probably the best prankster and he makes people smile more

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414 McJugger Nuggets

Mcjuggernuggets puts much work in his psycho series he has to be in the top 20 at least. Jesse Ridgeway is a pure Genius and an amazing actor. He is very under rated

415 Funhaus
416 RedLetterMedia

Great in depth reviews and I love Best of the Worst.

It should be #1

417 Juan Gabriel Claravall

Juan Gabriel Claravall's videos are awesome!

Does not make much videos anymore, that's why his new channel has more subscribers

Its too far should be in the top 25

Dude whoever is fan and subscribes I will subscribe to them back
Remember I am a subscriber and I liked and disliked so many videos look at my channel called gabby joven

Juan Gabriel Claravall earned 2 pesos from his views
Come on guys subscribe he's down to 67 subs instead of 71

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418 Black Pigeon Speaks
419 Jake Paul Jake Paul
420 hotelangel
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