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421 RVO174
422 Ryan Higa

Nigahiga is already on the list. Don't be greedy. - neel9248

423 Wheezy Waiter

No votes? Come on? He is one of the best vloggers among KevJumba and Nigahiga

424 Romanatwood

Probably the best prankster and he makes people smile more

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425 McJugger Nuggets

Mcjuggernuggets puts much work in his psycho series he has to be in the top 20 at least. Jesse Ridgeway is a pure Genius and an amazing actor. He is very under rated

426 Kwebblekop

Probably the most obnoxious group of Let's Play-ers I've ever seen. - Swank

My favourite YouTube channel,I'm surprised why he is not up

The best youtuber I have ever watched.Funny, loud and happy, he cheers you up anytime.

427 Funhaus
428 Juan Gabriel Claravall

Juan Gabriel Claravall's videos are awesome!

Does not make much videos anymore, that's why his new channel has more subscribers

Its too far should be in the top 25

Dude whoever is fan and subscribes I will subscribe to them back
Remember I am a subscriber and I liked and disliked so many videos look at my channel called gabby joven

Juan Gabriel Claravall earned 2 pesos from his views
Come on guys subscribe he's down to 67 subs instead of 71

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429 Black Pigeon Speaks
430 hotelangel
431 MonikaAhatX
432 WTFFilmsFTW V 1 Comment
433 Arglefumph
434 TeamFourStar

Number 1 for sure. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

435 juliansmith87

Julian does some of the best sketch comedy and music videos on YouTube, in my opinion. He's a lot funnier than, let's say, Smosh. Although he doesn't make as many videos as he used to, the ones he has already are hilarious, and every single one is worth watching. Sketches like "Malk," "Hot Kool-Aid," "What Happened to Chris," and "Trees Hate You," are among the funniest videos on the tube.

436 liamariejohnson

Liamariejohnson is a great channel with cool vlogging on it, and it is really cool to see what she's doing in her own life with fellow kids from kids react and all of the fun activities and things she does.

437 Robbaz

How the hell is Onision and Annoying Orange above this glorious Viking?! This guy is probably the funniest gamer on YouTube that I have ever seen. Unlike those other gamers who are "funny" he doesn't scream into the mic every 5 seconds. His best series are probably Skyrim, Sims 3, Fallout 4, and From the Depths - SirSkeletorThe3rd

"One of the most funniest YouTuber on YouTube. Has original content, great sense od humor, is a viking badass, is a one sexy viking badass, does not scream into the microphone or fake his reactions in order to be funny, simply, a badass. " - Walrus

This guy is so funny I got stomache pain from laughing too much

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438 Potatobombs1

His 8bit versions of classic metal albums are really good. You should check him out!

439 ComedyShortsGamer V 1 Comment
440 MrRepzion V 1 Comment
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