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421 MonikaAhatX
422 WTFFilmsFTW V 1 Comment
423 Arglefumph
424 TeamFourStar

Number 1 for sure. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

425 juliansmith87

Julian does some of the best sketch comedy and music videos on YouTube, in my opinion. He's a lot funnier than, let's say, Smosh. Although he doesn't make as many videos as he used to, the ones he has already are hilarious, and every single one is worth watching. Sketches like "Malk," "Hot Kool-Aid," "What Happened to Chris," and "Trees Hate You," are among the funniest videos on the tube.

426 liamariejohnson

Liamariejohnson is a great channel with cool vlogging on it, and it is really cool to see what she's doing in her own life with fellow kids from kids react and all of the fun activities and things she does.

427 Potatobombs1

His 8bit versions of classic metal albums are really good. You should check him out!

428 ComedyShortsGamer V 1 Comment
429 MrRepzion V 1 Comment
430 Bratayley Bratayley

Best in the world it's so sad about caleb death I am so sorry

Love this channel and that is all I ever watch

This channel is awesome

love them

V 2 Comments
431 Kwebblekop

Probably the most obnoxious group of Let's Play-ers I've ever seen. - Swank

My favourite YouTube channel,I'm surprised why he is not up

432 Thatcherjoe

Joe is amazing, hilarious and hot. He can always make me laugh no matter what my mood and he uploads every week he deserves to be number one or at least In the top ten

Joe is amazing! He always makes me laugh and even if I'm angry or annoyed at someone his videos always put a smile in my face. I don't know why he's not in the top ten

Where on earth is he he's the best!

Why on earth wouldn't he be in the top ten he's the best!

V 3 Comments
433 Mylifeaseva

She is AWESOME! I wish she does not stop making videos for the people who needs her great advice and for the people who's always bored!

434 Pun Diddley

Gotta say, it's sad he's not on the list, even though I admittedly just discovered him.

V 3 Comments
435 Zerkaa
436 Carykh

His videos are very informative and interesting and I love it!

Very scientific person.

437 Aphmau
438 Rob Dyke

Rob really needs to be higher. He is actually a really good youtuber who puts a lot of effort into his videos.

439 FUNnel Vision

They are so funny as they do their normal funny stuff in the channel

This family is hilarious. - Powerfulgirl10

No. I like these guys.

There so funny like funel dad they are silly family they like to have a funnel day like funnel o'i day

V 2 Comments
440 Rachel Ballinger

She is really really funny and knows how to make your day

She should TOTALLY be on this list. So funny! I LOVE HER!

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