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481 Paul Joseph Watson Paul Joseph Watson


482 DarkMatter2525
483 shaycarl

You are the best ever

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484 muesproductions

Come on people it's mues he definitely deserves #1 after all who else is able to rant like that? It's much more entertaing than idiots like Shanedawson and nigahiga

485 Maybabytumbler
486 LucasMagnani96
487 thebrothersriedell
488 werevertumorro
489 Wildwoodangel

This lady has a clear, pure, natural talent for singing whether singing with or without music. An amateur who sounds like and could be professional. Her vocals are awesome and could make her some serious money if the right moment comes along.

Yes! She is awesome as a performer /singer. I saw the original channel name has changed to Wildwoodangel61 but still the same lady you are speaking off here I assume.

This lady can sing and has many wonderful cover song videos to enjoy. I would give her channel a ten anyday. She is a fabulous singer and every song she covers she does so beautifully. Such a pleasure to listen to.

490 GamerXZ95
491 Brendielahooha
492 Ali-A V 1 Comment
493 Zukram97

This channel is awesome

494 iluvallmychao0071

I love her Luna Game series because it is a bit scary and it has flippy in it he is my favorite!

If you are looking for funny HTF animations, Creepypasta stuff, Luna game animations, or just a good laugh iluvallmychao0071 is the place for you!

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495 Glove and Boots

And coats and mittens

This channel is dedicated to satirizing the world. From advertising to New York City, they've got it all. And they've got the best YouTube character in the world: Johnny T! - AlexZedKawa

496 blazeluver720
497 WassabiProductions

This is way better than pewdiepie and markiplier combined this defiantly deserves top 50 at least

Fact: This deserves to be higher - FlakyCuddles43

I think Alex wasabi is number 1 best YouTube well you all might be think what the heck bug I have a point cause roi already left wasabi productions and he feels comfortable telling us his secrets/ideas Lauren has the best boy friend she could ever have and Alex took her to bora bora,tronto,Miami, and the Philippines


498 Zabwag

They aren't exactly popular yet, but their videos are just so nostalgic of what YouTube used to be like. They have some of the funniest sketches I've ever seen, and they have the potential to take the YouTube community by storm. In a year or so from now, Zabwag will be world-famous YouTubers.

Some of the freshest content on YouTube today. if Smosh can get 10 million subs, these guys should have 30 millions.

499 2BCProductions2BC

Johnny Superbman is crack up and awesome.
I like how he hates Dadonov and does different gaming series on his channel

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500 Buzzfeedvideo
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