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481 VenturianTale‎

What guys! You and I both know there awesome so why are they on they 255?

Best Channel EVER! They Never Swear And Are Just Hands Down Aswesome Should Be Number 1! I Also Love Their Star Wars Videos!

Hilarious YouTuber, making roleplays on GMod, Minecraft, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, and more than halfway till 2mil subs! This is a hilarious gaming channel! And the recorder (Jordan/Isaac AKA Venturian and HomelessGoomba) are also funny. And they always do co-op with eachother!

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482 Zabwag

They aren't exactly popular yet, but their videos are just so nostalgic of what YouTube used to be like. They have some of the funniest sketches I've ever seen, and they have the potential to take the YouTube community by storm. In a year or so from now, Zabwag will be world-famous YouTubers.

Some of the freshest content on YouTube today. if Smosh can get 10 million subs, these guys should have 30 millions.

483 2BCProductions2BC

Johnny Superbman is crack up and awesome.
I like how he hates Dadonov and does different gaming series on his channel

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484 MetallicaTV
485 Top10Memes
486 OwnagePranks V 1 Comment
487 Stampylongnose

He's doesn't say swear words

You people make me sad. Please vote for stampy! He is one of the most AMAZING GAMERS OF ALL TIME!

I also recommend, stampylonghead. Same guy, more gaming - Icegirl119

488 Gemcloben
489 Matthiasiam

Best YouTuber ever

490 StacyPlays

She is so awesome. I got so addicted I can't wait for the next episode!

She is funny and creative I love milk and dogs just like her I can watch her videos all day😊

When I watch her videos It makes my day, for instance I got a bad grade on a math test, I was sad for a while, but then a new episode of dogcraft and I got happy

So I hope you decide to watch her videos

491 Bigyoshifan V 1 Comment
492 Rclbeauty101

Rclbeauty is my favorite because she is awesome I love her videos that she works hard to make.She is amazing and so beauty full and she barely ever curses.She make the saddest times happy.She does a lot of giveaways.She gets people more subscribers to people and I hope I will one day.Rachel I hope u see this because you are the best and I think u (rclbeauty101) should be at the top.Also can u guys go and check out my channel Jorja Allen subsibe to me for more content and like my videos

493 TheDoubleAgent
494 Kpopp
495 TearOfGrace V 1 Comment
496 Jordan Underneath V 1 Comment
497 nikiandgabibeauty
498 Ten Second Songs
499 Bentley Bros Production
500 Extra Credits V 1 Comment
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