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61 SeaNanners

The only reason I know about him is that he posted the first known Minecraft video EVER. I mean, like, late 2009. But the cool thing about the video is he tells you what the game is about.

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62 CuteFuzzyWeasel

The creator of the amazing "Feeding The Trolls" series.

Really Overlooked YouTube Channel

63 Cut Video
64 NintendoCaprisun

Nintendocaprisun is my favorite YouTuber and deserves to be number one! His videos always make laugh especially is Earthbound and Super Mario 64 Let's Plays

From one YouTuber to the next Rock on dude but only IN THE BATHROOM!


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65 3killabytes
66 jacknjellify

Well, I honestly thought I would see a complete animation channel in the top 100.

I love them especially rocky and David

Yay! I'm so happy he was put here. They made a wonderful cartoon that has a surprisingly huge fan base, and they're never really dirty with BFDI, but still manage to make it hilarious. I admire that. One of their channels, Carykh, is also pretty cool.

He created BFDI! The best object show ever along with Inanimate Insanity!

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67 TVFilthyFrank

Doesn't he have a million subs. What's he doing down here? - swagmaster97

What is he doing at 222, he should be number 1!

Most creative and intelligent type of gross out and satire humor ever

He always manages to make me laugh, even when I'm feeling depressed!

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68 JeremyJahns‚Äé

Such a great dude, his videos always make me laugh and his view on movies is awesome - WellThen

So funny and awesome movie reviewer

Jeremy is awesometacular ( I just made it sound worse) he should be a lot higher, he is kind of revolutionised movie reviews if you think about it - idontknow

My number one channel

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69 UberHaxorNova

Nova is a funny gaming channel, and should be in the top 10. He's really funny especially when he plays with the other Creatures and in my opinion, he is the best Creature. He also rages a lot, which is epic :D.

Nova is simply the best. It is just unfortunate that he is not very well known. I used to watch him when he used to play about with Machinima. Great character. Makes me laugh everyday.

I think this guy is underrated, he should at least have like 9 or 10 million subscribers, not just 2 million.

James should be in the top 10

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70 Lindseystomp
71 Northernlion
72 Macbarbie07

Bethany is a beautiful, amazing, talented, and perfect from every angle girl. Shes been doing YouTube for years and if its time for her to move on, people should accept that.

She is amazing, beautiful and all around perfect. I think she should be first!

She should be the first she is so GOOD!

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73 DanTDM

He deserves better the top tens don't know what their doing

Just write anything

Funny makes me giggle also is really awesome and amazing

He should be coming first in top ten!

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74 brentalfloss

He takes songs of video games and put hilarious lyrics on them

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75 Angry Video Game Nerd

One of my favorite Youtube channels, the Nerd is so hilarious and funny, and he is right with how horrible some of the games he's played are, I've even tried some of them myself, though some of them are actually decent. He also does a good job explaining about games and why he likes/hates them, and I always love his rage moments. - SailorSedna

He is the man


76 BlastphamousHD

If he would just react to more murderous top 5, 10, 15 lists, he will get way more popular - bobbythebrony

Why is he so high?
He react many vine compilation and stuff
He tried to try not to laugh but he failed except the hardest version

Great YouTuber and released many videos a day on a bunch of different channels.

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77 ImKevPev
78 linkinparktv

Linkin Park is probably one of the greatest rock bands ever. Their channel consists of all of their music videos and some extra stuff like live performances and videos of their world tours which are very funny and entertaining (To me because I'm a die-hard Linkin Park fan). They also make videos to support charities like one of their videos: "Give Light" which is trying to make people donate money so people in povery can get lamps. Touches my heart. My fave video is "Leave Out All The Rest. " Also, the channel design is spooky and cool.

It's a very great channel
Mike and chester always makes me laugh. It should be on the top ten

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SSoHPKC is very funny and has a lot of awesome games on his channel. You should watch some of his videos.

A very good alternative for fans of Smosh that occasionally get tired of constant screaming and toilet humor.

Ssohpkc is one of the best YouTube commentators for gameplay walkthroughs, I suggest to go check out his channel.

80 CinemaSins

I really like cinemasins! It's funny, and true. The only reason people seem to hate this is because they're mad about their favorite movie getting "bashed." But if they'd see "everything wrong with Cinema Sins" you'd see that they actually like movies.

I love CinemaSins! The voice is awesome and the observations made are so interesting to discover and I absolutely loved his description of Twilight. Really sharp and almost always funny.

Love conversations with myself! Probably my favorite but the sins videos are hilarious too.

I LOVE CINEMA SINS! I watch them every day.

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