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121 Sargon of Akkad

Greatest alt-right youtuber :^)

122 Pranksters In Love

Their names are Nikki and John and they pull outrageous and hilarious pranks on each other. They have been doing this to each other since 2009, check them out you guys. These guys are SO much better than Prank vs. Prank and boyfriend vs girlfriend

123 Thoughty2 V 1 Comment
124 Gross Science
125 calvindyson
126 ExplosmEntertainment

It's actually a great cartoon. Earning 5 million subscribers for the past 6 years. If you don't like it, then comedy gold isn't for you pal.

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127 spaceuntravel
128 iDubbbz

I don't know why iDubbbz is so low, this list is clearly based off of popularity. I mean, Smosh and Pewdiepie are both in the top three, so this obviously isn't based off quality. iDubbbz makes funny content and calls out those who simply mass produce content without putting in effort and thought (Pewdiepie, Jinx, etc.) I'm not saying iDubbbz should be in the top five or ten, but he should really be in at least the top fifty.

I have crippling depression

He's a really good buy

I have crippling depression

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129 Miranda Sings

She is absolutely my favorite, and all her YouTube videos are so stupidly hilarious! She has a special type of humor that some people don't understand, which is why she has haters. But as always, back off!

I love miranda she is so funny and makes me laugh every time

Yet someone else who deserves to be higher on this list - FlakyCuddles43

I don't like her. She's ugly, and dumb, and she doesn't like anybody else cussing but she does it herself. I like Colleen's other channel, Pscycosoprano.

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130 nicepeter

Such a clever dude I watch him all the time on YouTube, epic rap battles of history is the greatest thing since the dawn of time.

His rap battles are epic. He writes them, even though their no longer posted on his channel. This just shows how epic he is. He writes raps better than most of those rappers you hear on the radio.

131 Dashiegames Dashiegames

Should be one of the top 10 if not then top 20! DashieGames is def one of the most popular youtubers out there!

Dashie should be number 1 he is so funny and full of energy. He never fails to make me laugh. He makes absolutely hilarious gaming videos and his comedy sketches always draws to my attention. He is not one of those Youtubers who make click bait or depressing videos. He is always upbeat. So if you enjoy excitement and positivity or just plain humor check out Dashie right now!

I watch his videos everyday. He is by far the funniest YouTuber out there


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132 charlieissocoollike

Charlie is hilarious and very creative. His videos always make me laugh and smile. I'm so grateful that he is making YouTube videos. YouTube wouldn't be the same without him, in my opinion.

Charlie is an amazing vlogger. He is not only really funny, but he is also full of information, such as his fun science section. His attempts at the wacky challenges he is given are admirable. His songs are also really good and I LOVE the doctor who songs! (Trock all the way! )

Watch a video. You will understand the amazingness of Charlie McDonnell but you won't understand why he is so low. CHarlie needs to be higher!

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133 DougWalkerReviews

Nostalgia Critic is awesome!

He honestly should be higher on this list whatch nastalgia critic the room to see my point it's hilarious

134 Purple Shep

I love pink sheep but don't tell pink sheep purpleshep is way better

HellO mY nAME iS PURpLE SHEP AS YOu all Know I Am tHE BeSt yOUTUBer vote foR Me AS BEsT TWItCH sTreaMEr.

135 SUPEReeeGO
136 TheJokerBlogs
137 TED

Ted down here In my option he should be next to game theory because it makes sense But this website is gibberish TED SHOULD BE HIGHER UP

Now this is a channel for scientists. And it's sure is one for me.

139 penguinz0

An amazing YouTuber, but an even better person. He is quite possibly the funniest guy I've ever discovered. He never shows his face, so he can never be "known". Not only that, every single penny he makes off his YouTube partnership goes to various charities.

Really retarded sense of humor. It's great

What's the lord doing down here?

How is Cr1TiKaL only 117? He makes great content and is super popular, as well as a good person. Granted the last thing has nothing to do with his content but he's a unique gamer.

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140 Kootra
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