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141 TroyeSivan18

He is one of the most talented people I know. Troye is a singer and an actor. (and a YouTuber of course! ) He's also gorgeous, just saying.

Troye is a great YouTuber. He's very talented and funny.

142 JStuStudios
143 Pungence
144 Minute Earth
145 Thatistheplan
146 Denisdaily Denisdaily

He is soon awesome and he does gamep lays, l9ve vide and way more

147 Daz Games
148 ProtonJonSA ProtonJonSA

So funny, but the only problem is that he uploads slow

I love everybody in the TRG, including Jon

149 Logan Paul Logan Paul Logan Alexander Paul is an American social media entertainer and actor. He first gained fame through videos shared on the internet video service Vine, in which the athletic Paul engages in physical comedy, including slapstick pratfalls and public splits.

He is the best

He should be at least in top 50

Best, should be top ten

150 MysteryGuitarMan

This guy's talent is endless. The idea's that he has and the ability to turn these ideas into fantastic, mind-blowing videos leaves me in awe.
Fantastic YouTuber, it's painful to see terribly overrated people like Shane Dawson, RWJ, SXEPhil and PewDiePie so far ahead of him on this list.

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151 How It Should Have Ended

I really love how they make animated parodies of how a movie should've ended in a more different and logical way. I also like their ending parody of Indiana Jones and the last crusade.

This is definitely one of my favorite channels, especially the ongoing "I have a son! " joke in the Star Wars series.

Funny have you seen the star wars videos?

They suck.

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152 Annoying Orange

So glad this isn't high on the list, Annoying Orange seems to contain all of the things that 'annoys' me about YouTube. Annoying Orange started off as an interesting experiment, a dark, weird comedy about a talking orange and an apple having a conversation and the apple is killed by a knife, it was an interesting idea, but when this series started to get popular, it turned into a godamn parody of itself. It recycles the same jokes but with various food themed puns, and of course there is a Minecraft server and plenty of lets play videos, they've even resorted to using something their fanbase would be too young to know about, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, and turned it into the character from Annoying orange commentating on trailers. Hell, there's even a show on Cartoon Network that thankfully ended, but its still out there. The whole thing is the worst, and has a fanbase now of about 10 nine year olds. Both AO and Fred are prime examples of what has happened to the bad parts of ...more

I just don't get the appeal of this thing. is it because people wanted Something totally new and exotic? Well if they wanted one they chose the wrong one here.

Why the hell is this on the list?

Who the hell added this moronic Orange onto the list? - DCfnaf

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153 Epic Meal Time

This channel makes me so hungry... Not to mention I body build and all that protein they eat... Mother of God hook a brother up will ya?

This channel is so cool, it's basically all about eating. Who wouldn't love that?

I don't want to sound like a hater I like them but its harvey and his drunken crew eats unhealty foods but I still like them - whodafuqisthisguy

They make me hungry

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154 ItsKingsleyBitch

I love kingsley's rants! They are THE BEST and make me smile every time

155 Doknot1999

He's a very nice guy. I wish we had more people like him.

This is the dumbest YouTuber EVER! His jokes... wait he never was funny! His reviews are stupid! His channel is the worst one on YouTube! I wish this guy would go to HELL!

Rebel Taxi is WAY funnier than this .

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156 barelypolitical

You guys can't hate on the 48th most subscribed channel of all time and the key of awesome

Love this channel, especially Mark, Jan, Lauren, and Stasia. A DefenderOfAwesome forever!

157 ExplodingTNT


158 ashens

Absolutely phenomenal comedian. Reviews terrible electronic tat and supplies amazingly quotable jokes with deadpan delivery. He should be better known.

Went on a quest for a gamechild, hangs out with chefs, and protects us from the evil of the Grass Mask, what more could you want?

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159 Chilled Chaos
160 CinnamonToastKen

Honestly he is one of the better YouTube gamers even though he gets hardly any recognition for his work. He is on par with Pewdiepie on many levels, but just hasn't caught as much attention as him - TheYaoiTitanic

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