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161 Chilled Chaos
162 CinnamonToastKen

Honestly he is one of the better YouTube gamers even though he gets hardly any recognition for his work. He is on par with Pewdiepie on many levels, but just hasn't caught as much attention as him - TheYaoiTitanic

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163 ASFJerome

Is awesome and funny

Minecraft YouTuber and he works with skythekidrs and bajancanadian

164 Haedox

I think he should be less boring, but his Sonic Hate Video was awesome. - DCfnaf

165 blamesocietyfilms
166 TheRunawayGuys

If it has Tim/NCS/Nintendocaprisun in it I love it! Thanks Chuggaaconroy, Protonjon and of course Nintendocaprisun for all the laughs!


167 Dashiexp


168 SpaceHamster V 1 Comment
169 speedyw03
170 SLeepyCabin
171 Typhoon Cinema
172 Lemmino
173 BrainCraft
174 Ethgoesboom
175 AlphaOmegaSin

Do I need to explain how awesome he is?

176 The Game Theorists The Game Theorists

Mixes Video Games and Learning, updates frequently and has 4 different shows, the channel for the Game Theorists is amazing for all ages (most of the time).

I don't know what's worse about this guy: his manipulative and egotistical nature, or his cult consisting on very impressionable kids and near brain dead adults. - Lmrpirate

What is the theorists doing here they should be way higher

To anyone who thinks that matpat has a lot of subscribers and is therefore amune to criticism, he doesn't even have a tenth of the youtubers on the site. subscribed to him. - Lmrpirate

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177 Swoozie06

Great person first and foremost, has awesome stories, artistic talent, story telling ability, and all around high quality person!

WHY IS SWOOZIE SO LOW ON THE LIST? I am sorry, I absolutely LOVE Adande. His stories are super relatable. I mean, go look up "Swoozie the art of procrastination". That was my first video by him and it is SO TRUE. His "vlogs" feel different from other vlogs because of the animations (which are really good). Another series of videos I love is the Revenge of the Disney Employees, (he worked at Disney). He is SUPER underrated and needs to be given more views. He is even a GAMER, and makes lots of references in his videos to games, so that is just one more demographic that can relate. Go search for him now. PLEASE? - TheWiseOne

Yes! He deserves to be in the top ten!

Why is hedow here?

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178 ScreenJunkies

Honest trailers are worth watching especially with the honest trailer guy with an awesome voice is out there

I think the best of this channel is the Honest Trailers which are pretty entertaining.

Their honest trailers are hilarious!

Screen Junkies is BEAST

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179 Sxephil

What? This guy is a dude who just loves to fill up his wallet, I mean come on he makes money of murder!

Awesome YouTuber, you guys should check out his video, educational and fun to watch, you'll love it if you don't want to be that guy who doesn't know anything that's happening outside his room.

This guy is great! I sometimes get sick of all the stupid & immature (I don't care how snobby it sounds) channels on YouTube, and Phil is exactly the opposite. He and the SourceFed team are amazingly witty, and I don't go a day without watching.

Philip DeFranco was one of the first YouTubers. He made YouTube what is today. He legitimized YouTube and through-out his career he's brought up so many people and he's gathered a community based on love, laughter and making fun of stupid people

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180 youngbloodfantasy98
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