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Smosh is an American sketch comedy YouTube channel created by Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla. Anthony Padilla created a website called in 2002. He was later joined by his friend Ian Hecox.


I've watched Smosh for about 8-9 years now, I cannot believe it's been that long to be honest. These guys basically do the things I've always wanted to do by making short movies and skits with friends. But I've gotten too busy in life and have had many friends get married or move off to college to try and begin now. So it's fun living vicariously through this dynamic duo known as Smosh. Their videos have given me plenty of good laughs and it's fun seeing their success take off over the years

In my opinion, Smosh is the funniest channel on YouTube. Neither Ian nor Anthony uses an accent while they play games, nor do they say random things constantly. They make sketches that are truly original and funny. If this were my list, I would make Smosh as number 1, because they are creative and truly funny. And if you don't like their main channel, they have about 3+ others that you could watch.

If you're talking about pre-2013, Smosh was one of the best and most entertaining YouTubers you could find. Their content was really well-handled and the comedy was very well done, all of which was further bettered by Ian and Anthony's chemistry with one another.

Then, Smosh took a nosedive in quality. At this point, they're a shell of their former self, which is a big shame. Keep in mind, it was Smosh that got me into YouTube in the first place.

Despite not being good anymore, I still appreciate Smosh for the moments that they made during their peak years. - CrimsonShark

I watch smosh more than I watch regular T.V.! These guys are hilarious, and can be hilarious with minimal profanity (compared to others). They are constantly coming out with new videos which is great. I like Nigahiga, but smosh has got to be 10 time better!

Even though they lost their way and are no longer a duo, which really sucks because I hate the smosh crew, I stay subscribed because I am loyal to them. Their old videos are the reason why I stay subscribed. They were so funny and they are the reason why I have been subscribed for 6 years.

Smosh is awesome. They have 22 million subscribers. Ian and Anthony are the best. I love smosh's videos. I watched nigahiga too, but I think I like smosh better. If you don't vote smosh, your messed up. The most thing I like about smosh is there music videos. I love them so much, probably Ian is my favorite person from smosh. I also think all of them are hillarious too. Also my name Is Ethan. I posted this opinion. Smosh is awesome!

I voted for Smosh because they have made tons of videos and all of them are awesome, they never get old. I was about to vote for NigaHiga but I feel like Smosh posts videos more often... I understand that they don't always have time. - TheGirlyGamer

He is one of the worlds most funniest YouTube channels and 1 in subscribed channels in the world has over 2 billion views in all of his videos and has over 8, 000, 000 subscribers and has 7 channels which have almost the same and has so many jokes

Smash in my opinion, is really one of the best channels on YouTube ever. Those guys are really and hilarious, I laughed in each and every video that I have seen of them. I can day that they have the most hilarious videos ever!

Smosh should EASILY be at #1. They've been doing YouTube for almost 9 years now, have been most subscribed, what, four times? In fact, if you combined the subscribers of ALL of their channels, it's more than PewDiePie's! Go Smosh!

I feel like they have the best chemistry and you actually see that they genuinely love each other and their fans and put a lot of effort into the videos they've been making over the past 10 years. I love them.

Love it so crazy awesome and funny I love the way it always makes me laugh and I watch all of there channels including Ianh smosh I love their lunchtime with smosh! So funny! So cool! They ar so fun

Smosh was the first YouTube channel to make a big splash (besides Fred) They have been going from 2005 to 2014(at th time I post this) NigaHiga is very funny too but smosh is what makes YouTube for me - pancakedude7

They definitely deserve to be Number One on mine and this list. Especially since they are always cheering up people with their outstanding humor!

One of the most funniest channel I always like to replay their videos it makes me laugh so hard, Ian and Anthony are awesome...

Smosh is the best thing I have ever watched in my entire life! Funniest and sexiest videos in the world. Anthony and Ian are super hot and insanely hot. They are a MUST watch.

I personally love smosh and don't understand why they do get all the hate. Yea they may have been funnier a while ago but guess what? People mature. Their almost 30. Their just growing up and if you're a real smosher than your still watch them and enjoy them. So just stop immature 11 year olds who get all mad about then changing.

Smosh is hilarious and I am a huge fan. They can really entertain you on a boring day in summer and you should definitely watch their channel!

Even though I'm Only 8 Years Old I Started Watching At The Age 5 And Every Friday I Watched And Watched Most Of The videos Make Me Laugh Well... Since I'm A Girl I Chose "SMOSH"

I used to love Pewdiepie, but all of a sudden, he kept swearing and sucking, that I hate. But SMOSH is going uphill! They started a movie, things are gonna get awesome! - TristGamer

These guys are very funny most of the time. They're aware when they make a weak video and aren't offended by opinions. Just like PewDiePie, they're very likable.

These guys always cheer me up when I watch their channel. I just can't help but smile while watching these masterpieces!

I love smosh they always make my day happy and full of joy I'm always excited for their new video it's my favorite YouTube channel n I just live it.-

I love smosh they always make my day happy and full of joy I'm always excited for their new video it's my favorite YouTube channel n I just live it.

Everyone knows, SMOSH is the current Number 1 Top Views in the world! You guys gotta vote for them. Or not, they will come to your house and get your mom! VOTE THEM!