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201 Captain Hotknives
202 Silentphill
203 Jam8tone
204 DutchBudokaiFan
205 Robbaz

Very funny from Sweden

206 Masha Mezz

She just started so there's not to much out.
But she is extremely funny, so if you guys give her a chance she can be the funniest person out there. - FanPage

207 Emmablackery

I mean come on go watch her

208 Christian Novelli
209 Obey My Rod

Marik plays bloodlines is so funny

210 Joey Graceffa

He is the best. He makes my day (; I love him! He should definitely be in the top five with Shane.

He seems nice and he should definitely be higher on the poll

How could Joey not be higher on the list?! He is like the funniest person ever. When he and Stacy (sometimes joined by ijustine and strawburry11) it just makes my day.

211 MinnesotaBurns

He is the funniest Xbox troller he is very fun and supriesed he is not here!

212 themanwhotoldyou (TMWTY)

I may not bet he best youtuber, but I'm REALLY trying to catch up there, I may be 13, going on 14, but who cares if I play little kid games, like ROBLOX, I try entertaining little kids oftenly, yet I will need to be deleting some of the videos. So you may tell any kids that you have, or any of your little sisters or brothers that I'm here to entertain them, but I'd rate some of my videos that I'm going to put out there, for ages 7-10. I will go up to 11-14 year olds sometimes, but not just yet. (Planning on becoming a youtube entertainer, but not actually my real job, maybe part-time? ) You guys can rate what you wish, and I will let people choose a direction of which way I should go by cutting out a video fro a little while then I'll put it back on and go the direction you guys wanted. Have a good day!

213 JoeyGraceffa

He is awesome and he makes music videos and collabs with other youtubers which are very funny and I recommend you go watch them and I absolutely love his high pitched voice and he is also sassy and a great actor. Go check him out!

214 AlChestBreach
215 OfficialKhalilU

Khalil is a funny gentle man that will probably have your ribs aching! When he changes his accent to an african accent or even a ratchet accent, it makes my stomach jump and tears fall. The topics he talks about are serious topics about life but he also knows how to make them absurd and amusing.

His funniest video in my opinion would be 'HOW ANIMALS EAT THEIR FOOD'

He is also a singer! Check him out I promise you wont regret it

Plus he's so adorable

216 Masonthevlogger

Not very well known but I think he is hilarious

217 NH
218 maxmarshallwaters

He is so funny he takes himself into another world peace out home dogs. If you haven't seen you haven't lived laugh out loud.

219 iJustine

How could she not be higher on the list. She is like the funniest (failiure) cook and Minecrafter ever. I love you Justine!

220 TheSuperSherman
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