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21 Epic Meal-Time
22 DashieXP

He's super funny. His Mortal Combat spoofs are hilarious. He deserves a lot more credit than he is given at the moment.

Dashiexp deserves more views than nigahiga, smosh, or raywilliamjohnson. He is mad funny.

Dashiexp is the funniest dude that I have ever watched he is truly amazing and to be honest with you I think that he should be #1

The only modaphaka to almost make me piss my pants

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23 It's Kingsley Bitch

F amazing he is so funny I love him so much I watch all of his videos

He should be #1. He's the only one that can make you laugh like there's no tomorrow.

Kingsley is so hilarious! Why is he not number 1?

So so so funny love him

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24 nicepeter

Nice Peter is hilarious! He also made the Epic Rap Battles of History.

25 failarmy

One of my favorite youtube channels - trainerd6

26 Thelonelyisland
27 Sky Does Minecraft

Sky is either two things:
Overrated, or underrated.
It just depends on who you ask.

Personally, I think he's awesome, although he could swear less. :/

Humph! He rocks! He must be the first!

18?!?! What is this BULL?! You should be first!

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28 Annoying Orange V 2 Comments
29 Tomska

One of the most innovative comedians on YouTube. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

...why is he here at 188?

30 MakeMeBad35

Makemebad35 is really Hilarious. He is a really nice person and I like how you can see the progression of his channel, and how when he is sad he shares his feelings. He always posts what the viewers want from him. He has been doing public trolling videos simple because of the fact that the viewers love them he always thinks of them and he is amazing. He is an original YouTube celeb and he should be closer toward #1 should be in the top 10

He doesn't upload often but when he does, the wait is usually worth it.

I love when he is on Omegle, Public Trolling, or just doing a skit.

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31 Sxephil

Funny and pretty interesting.. Also stuff phil likes is pretty funny and he does it every day

He is incredible and unbelievable. I have no favorite video of him. - brunothemusicmaster

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32 Eddsworld
33 Kevjumba

He is the best comedian on YouTube. I just love watching his video. His videos are so funny and also interesting. He took many videos that are about life and other stuff, which I think is really great.

Because he's so AWESOME, also he has involved his ridiculously funny dad to his videos and definitely big respect to he Jumbafund, which is also great - not only the humor - earnt money goes to the right places!

Awesome. Please vote so he can be number one. He and his dad are the funniest people on youtube.

He is my heart

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34 Schmoyoho

Not knowing these guys are on the list, I created a new schmoyoho. but the are so awesome! He's climbin' in yo windows...

So funny and so brilliant! They're songs make me wet my pants on the floor in laughter. He's climbin' in yo windows, he's snatchin' yo people up...

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35 PrankvsPrank
36 bl00dblitz

Rob is so funny His video's are very unique & entertaining. I'm surprised he hasn't been in the top 10 before VOTE FOR ROB!

37 Rucka Rucka Ali

Rucka I think your funny just racist. In the Ebola parody you only talked about black people. You even said Jesus that is very offensive to Christans

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38 Brad Holmes
39 Jon Lajoie Jon Lajoie Jonathan "Jon" Lajoie is a Canadian comedian, actor, rapper, singer, musician, and Internet celebrity from Montreal, Quebec.

Not just top 5, Jon Lajoie was #1 the minute he came out with "Show Me Your Genitals"

Put this dude in the top five - bobbythebrony

He's not up in he's own ass like Smosh or CollageHumor

40 Paul Joseph Watson
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