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41 FailBlog

There fail videos are amazing and awesome! Big Snake Fail is their best video for me. - brunothemusicmaster

42 Peter Chao

Peter Chao is the funnies man ever and he is the greatest Chinaman

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43 Marcus Dibble

A really funny Australian YouTuber who you should definitely check out. Just a warning though his comedy may not appeal to everyone as he can be a bit of a cheeky - Rozmagoz

If you haven't heard of him, go watch his callout on Jacob Sartorius. - ThePwoperMuser101

44 KSIOlajideBT

Not as well popular as some of the others on this list but is definitely the funniest!

Not so popular but definitely one of the funniest! Absolute Beast FIFA gamer and funny comedian as well! Deserves to be higher on this list

Simply the funniest! He doesn't even need to try; that's just how he is! It's just pure talent!

Ks I yes I'm up all night I don't like rest

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45 juliansmith87

How can you forget this comedian! Julian makes hilarious sobgs and other videos!
some of his top videos are...
1: hot koolaid 2: malk 3: eat randy 4: waffles 5: jellyfish 6: racist coffee 7: techno jeep 8: moving out 9: akbar 10: stuck inside your head

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46 Danisnotonfire

"This guy is hilarious! People can relate to his videos and he presents them in an entertaining way. He really connects with the viewers/subscribers and is very modest.

Absolutely hilarious guy, I love him! Slight vulgar language (he swears a bit), but he makes extremely amusing videos that make me literally laugh out loud!

Dan Howell happens to speak his mind in the funniest way, and is one of my favorite British Youtubers! He should definitely be higher on the list than #33. Good Lord. He is able to connect with his viewers in the best ways, and he is always able to make me laugh. He also deserves every subsriber he receives. Vote for Dan!

Now Phils gonna be sad isn't he

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47 CaptainSparklez V 2 Comments
48 videogamedunkey
49 smpfilms

He at one point was the #12 channel on YouTube, by far the most hilarious, and the most actual satisfying YouTube Comedian, and its all in a pointless theme, like eating mac and cheese, preparing food and eating outside, but its deeper then that even. Everyone will love him.

He at one point was #14 on YouTube, probably even top 10 for all I know. He only has 600k subs. 600K! He makes the funniest comedy videos and just... He needs at least 1 mill. I have been watching this guy for over 5 years, and Its safe to say that no one, not even Ryan Higa, is better than this guy. (Also he is the best father! )

50 How It Should Have Ended

Funny take on movies. Love it.

51 Annoying Orange V 2 Comments
52 Bart Baker Bart Baker

He is obviously a very talented comedian and he makes the funniest parodies.

He should on number one bart you looked cute in the what about love parody believe it or not I'm only nine

He's really good

53 Bugattibeez

He makes hilarious videos about anything that comes to mind. He will have you in tears and probably make your ribs hurt from laughing so hard! He is very random and his facial expressions makes the video even funnier! You have to check him out!

His funniest video in my opinion is BLUE IVY VS NORTH WEST - bugattibeez

Plus he makes music! Check him out please

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54 Jimi Jackson
55 TobyGames
56 Iisuperwomanii

She has a great talent and needs to go way farther in her career than youtube videos. The world needs to know and enjoy watching her

She is so hilarious how can she's not 2nd?! (nigahiga the best). those people in the top 10 list (except nigahiga) are not funny at all compare to her! She's so awesome and she always makes good points in her videos and is super funny!

How is she so low down? I understand why NigaHiga's first but this unicorn should be in at least 2nd or possibly first (Sorry Ryan) but she's hilarious, outgoing and relatable. She obviously cares for her fans and has a lot of fun in what she does.


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57 Glozell

GloZell agrees to do crazy stuff (Challenges) and then posts it on youtube.. Her life must be very.. Well.. Interesting.. I always laugh at her.. And her mother.. Particularly when she spanked her in walmart "don't do mr. Walmart in walmart with yo momma because she'll spank you.. " HARDCORE FACE

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58 shaycarl

Your family is amazing! I watch your videos a lot you are one of the best YouTubers

59 CinemaSins
60 UberHaxorNova

God I don't know why people like him so much I really don't like him at all, all his videos are boring and unentertaining

How are tobuscus and pleasediepie 2 of the most stupidest and boring you tubers ever in the top 10 and Nova isn't. It makes me lose faith in humanity

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