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61 Cinemassacare

How come they ain't no cinemassacare home of the avgn or board James or more!

62 Screen Junkies

Honest trailers are spot on.

63 OfficialNerdCubed

Well hello fellow procrastinators!

The example of underrated

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64 maxmoefoe

He legit gets used condoms sent to him in the mail by his fans, he is hysterical!

65 ConnorFranta

Connor is amazing, inspiring, and funny as well. He needs to be higher in my opinion

Connor is amazing and he is so inspiring and gives an frantastic view of the world to young girls that really need it!

Connor is so amazing and brave. He, as of today, is no longer a part of our2ndlife because he feared that he would mess it up since he's been sad lately. You go, Connor.

Also, I'm really ashamed in this list, the top 3 are all unfunny trash. Tyler, Troye, Our2ndlife, Miranda Sings, Dan, & Phil need to be higher up.

66 ll Superwoman ll

I think she should be selected because she makes you laugh so much! My favorite of her episodes is Why the dentist is annoying... So funny! Totally check her out!

This person cheered me up when I was sad. She is really funny in the way she approaches the hardships of life.

She doesn't deserve 49, she should be top 3

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68 Barely Political

I just love their sense of humor.

He Said His Name Was "Invisible Clothing Man" - BeatlesFan1964

It is good channel. I like it.

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69 JennaMarbles

Jenna is definitely one of the greatest YouTube comedians! She is original, creative, and most of all funny!

Jenna is amazing! She is so funny, says whats on her mind, and you can totally agree with her! I would give her an award for awesomeness!

How can this girl not be nominated in here? Her landshark is the best thing I've seen in my life. Not to mention "the face"!

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70 WasteTimeChasingCars
71 DCigs

I was surprised to find DCigs so low on the chart! I'd expect him to be in the top 5 if not number one, he can make you laugh for hours if you check out his videos. They're the kind that you wanna show to friends to get a laugh out of everyone

This list is an absolute travesty. Dcigs is by very far the funniest man on here. Who on earth made this? Where was the logic when creating this list? Was it chilling with Nemo?

This is the only comedian that has made me laugh out loud on YouTube in almost all of his videos. Best comedian on this list easily.

Dcigs need to way higher on this chart! FiX Yo LisT!

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72 thedominicshow

He has a great sense of humour. He's really funny with nigahiga!

This guy is hillarious, he be all up there with nigahiga and stuff, number 5 least

73 ADoseOfBuckley

He's great if you like cynical humor. I really like his musical autopsies and Advice No One Asked For skits.

Adam Buckley is one of the funniest people on YouTube, and deserves to be higher than this

2nd funniest person on YouTube, just behind MK (who he actually collaborated with once).

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74 dailygrace

Best person in the universe. She's an all round awesome person! It has to be said that she is most certainly hilarious and would crack up anybody!

Grace Helbig is an attractive and hilarious Youtuber! She puts out a new video every day and never fails to make you laugh will her awkwardness and randomness.

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75 Click The Button))) - asiaplayer1122

Cool videos he makes videos almost everyday! - asiaplayer1122

76 HappySlip

She's happy and she's always making up silly ideas. I don't know. But this girl is super hilarious. Her accents and expressions are funny!

77 CommunityChannel

It couldn't get better than this.

But it does every time!

56? AWE HELL NO! The only reason Natalie Tran (Communitychannel) is not number one is cause no one knows her. She is the best CATT! I'm never gonna stop that. I'm so-CAT! Anyway, shes the best. (Your mum rates her)

SHE IS AMAZING... I love watching her videos, they are so funny and interesting... She should be in TOP10...

Natalie Tran is a highly underrated comedian who deserves a higher spot on this list!

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78 MarkiplierGAME

Markiplier will always have my support. He is a great lets play gamer, a great guy and I love the fact he keeps a good head on his shoulders. You can tell people pick up on how passionate he is about what he does, and it reflects on the number of subscribers he gets everyday. No need to fret my friends his numbers may not show here on but he is the third fastest growing channel on YouTube, sometimes the second behind PewDiePie. GoodMythicalMorning sky rocketed after their interview with PewDiePie so that is why they hold second place currently.

Markiplier is just plain awesome... Shame he isn't higher on this list... He should at least be one of the top ten... He really deserves it... - ZephyrZero97

Number 61? REALLY?! Mark is the best YouTube channel there is. Seriously, why is Mark not number 1?

WHEN Markiplier plays five nights at Freddy's he is so hilarious

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79 Filthy Frank

Come on you can't beat the pink guy and Japanese 101

He's hilarious

80 KassemG

Unique type of humor

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