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81 Janoskians

Best youtubers out! Watch any of their videos! They're HILARIOUS!

They should be much higher on this list

82 American Girl - verynicesam
83 LittleKuriboh

This guy is absolutely hilarious. The only reason he's not in the top ten is because he didn't get as much promotion as the others. He is so creative and is such a good voice actor. Come on people, let's vote him up.

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84 JerkTv
85 Miranda Sings

Miranda is a total bae by she being 84th this website is crap if you don't get her she is doing this for entertainment and she is not really like this HATERS BACK OFF

The very fact that Miranda Sings is number 85, indicates this poll is garbage.

These are wrong. why though, she is a bae HATERS BACK OFF

She Sound Like A Dying Pig - BeatlesFan1964

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86 Amazingphil Amazingphil

Phil, Dan and Tyler should be the first three on the board. First of all they're HILARIOUS. Second of all they're all very cute. Third of all they're all awesome as hell.

Phil is the best!

Phil doesn't need crude jokes to make him funny, which is nice

Phil is hilarious and great

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87 Chester See
88 The Tourettes Guy
89 Tyler Oakley Tyler Oakley Mathew Tyler Oakley, known as Tyler Oakley, is an American YouTube and podcast personality, humorist, author and activist.

Why is the poor guy all the way down here? He's hilarious!

He is so funny HOW DARE YOU GUYS PUT HIM ALL THE WAY OVER HERE HE DISERVES MORE I TELL YOU MOREE! Have you guys guys even seen him?!?!

I can't believe Tyler is so low on the list! I love hims so much he is hilarious, honest and has a great personality I love his videos.

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90 Sam Green
91 RackaRacka

These guys make me laugh especially the Ronald McDonald stuff

92 GradualReport

How is Danny so low? Its sacrilege!

Needs to be much higher! Over 800 videos. Danny is ' hilarious! By far the most underrated Youtube peronality of all time.

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93 Smosh 2 - IanH

This is not as good as the other channels smosh has made but it's good

94 Steven Jo
95 Onision

Sometimes it's a few hilarious minutes of joking comments and dark humor, sometimes it's insightful opinions and information behind said humor. Either way, Onision is pretty cool.

Onision's sense of humour doesn't appeal to everyone, but to the ones it does, it's priceless.

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96 Spoken Reasons

Spoken reasons should be number 1 man FCHW. This guy is awesome keeps you laughing all the time and also keep in mind faith courage and hard work. I ain't shiit.. Uhh

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97 This Is a Commentary

I can't believe he is ranked so low. Tre is mad funny, I watch every video. Not to mention how real he is! Come on now. - CurteousGemini

So funny
Better than Nigahiga any day

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98 DashieGames DashieGames

Funniest guy I have seen on YouTube. Should have more subscribers.

He should be number 1

Amazing! I watch him EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Dashie is the funniest comedian out there
This list is a sham

99 GradeAUnderA V 1 Comment
100 computernerd01

Wrote the popular parody Tik Tok and what makes you beautiful parody " You Don't Know How Good we Sew ". Search thecomputernerd01 and see the the awesomeness! - funnyuser

So funny! Please vote and other people please convince that this group is the best!

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