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121 Qi395
122 Bobsheaux

He's not only funny, but he's REAL. He's not just "playing a character" like so many other internet comedians/reviewers. You rock, Bobsheaux!

123 Roman Atwood

He is the funniest youtuber alive whenever I am sick or going through a hard time I can just watch his vlogs and I smile

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124 Brandon Rogers

I'm surprised he's not high on this list. He has incredibly offensive, yet hilarious videos!

125 jpmetz
126 WTFFilmsFTW
127 desandnate
128 Vlogbrothers

How are they NOT on this list. They are in the History of VLOG. Of YouTube. The best! Funniest! Most amazing! Insightful!

129 OlanRogers

Why is Olen all the way down here? This is so not right he is hilarious.

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130 DrewMalino

He has chat roulette music time videos which I think are the best and all his other videos are good, he has a friend called Paul and he's videos are good as well.

The Very Best Comedian On YouTube, I Say! I Love All His Videos Especially The Chatroulette Ones!

Yo it's drew Malino getting dress and ready to go getting dress like hahaaha hell no

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131 Maximbady

This guy is ' hilarious.

This guy is so funny

132 JeremyJahns
133 Troye Sivan Troye Sivan Troye Sivan Mellet, better known as Troye Sivan, is a South African-born Australian singer, songwriter, actor and YouTuber. V 1 Comment
134 our2ndlife
135 Filthy Frank

Come on you can't beat the pink guy and Japanese 101

136 VanossGaming
137 Screen Junkies

Honest trailers are spot on.

138 thecrazylunatic1
139 ThoseLilRabbits

Funniest people I've ever seen - InsertNameHere

140 MoyMoyPalaboy

Their Lip sync is awesome. Baby- Justin Bieber (parody) is their best video for me (ft. Kuya Jobert). - brunothemusicmaster

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