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141 VanossGaming
142 thecrazylunatic1
143 ThoseLilRabbits

Funniest people I've ever seen - InsertNameHere

144 MoyMoyPalaboy

Their Lip sync is awesome. Baby- Justin Bieber (parody) is their best video for me (ft. Kuya Jobert). - brunothemusicmaster

145 Pokch26

He is a miserable no life video maker, but he is a really good and funny person, but still, he has just one video and it sucks but it entertains a lot.

I know I left out Tobuscus, but he can be number ten too, so do not get mad. - brunothemusicmaster

146 R.I.P
147 Micocarman2

He has funny face's and can play a lot of roles. But no one knows him that much he's funny people would watch his video's

148 Criken

Funniest commentator and video game player I have ever seen. His montages are also extremely funny.

149 5secondfilms

Umm, why would you leave the most genius channel on youtube out?

Theese videos will make the funniest 5 seconds of your life and nostalgia critic made them so they are extremeley hilarious. I'm surprised it didn't make it farther on the list.

150 Jimmy Tatro
151 MyHarto

Hannah Hart! The host of her own drunken YouTube cooking show, My Drunk Kitchen! She is the most hilarious woman on YouTube and is a master of puns!

152 SupereeeGO

Can't believe he's not on this list... Should at least be top 1

153 TouchTheSkyFilms

Christian SHOULD BE #1!
He's unique.

154 PurpleP663

I'm a survivor
I'm as tough as a tire
No point stealing my money
Because I'l hurt you and it will be so funny.

155 Chaoticmonki (Cryaotic)

Cry is a very funny youtuber, How could he not be on here? He's just too funny! He can be slightly discontinued with some things, but that doesn't matter (Like The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim). I have to admit, he's almost just like Pewdiepie, almost his equal, maybe he is!

156 KYR SP33DY

Anyone who plays Call of Duty or just wants to laugh

157 HumzaProductions

He is the best comedian in my eyes. He can make people laugh and cry and feel for his character. Humza is great

Humza is able to make you laugh, cry or even cry and laugh at the same time. He makes you feel so much more than happiness and things you never expect to feel when watching a sketch show. His acting is most definitely above average. He also includes many internet comedians who are from the slums such as: BrickBricka, A squeezy, D4nny, Ddark etc. HUMZA4LIFE! - cornaflakesaretasty

158 MarcusButlerTV‎

If you donno him then you do not live in this world...he talks about things which you can relate to...this guy is multi talented kinda and is hilarious...u all should check him out

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159 peanutbuttergamer

PBG is amazing! His Dreamcast videos are so lazily made it's hilarious. His videos and sense of humour have evolved over time, and his Minecraft HC videos are awesome. - TheFrodo

160 Bodil40 V 1 Comment
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