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181 Ryan Strain

No one can be more versatile than him.

182 Vokill Covers
183 Bri Heart
184 D at Sea
185 DresmondHopkins music

Amazing must check out this young man

186 Skylar Stecker

She should be number 1 because she makes her own songs and she does remakes. I also like megan nicole and julia sheer and max and shawn

V 1 Comment
187 Toby Randall Toby Randall

For a 13 year old, he's so talented with a voice that's so on point and great vocals. Every cover is amazing. He's worked with so many amazing cover artist and deserves to be #4 at least. Check out his YouTube and Vine as @Toby Randall

188 Megan Davies
189 Jubyphonic
190 Natalie Baker (NatalieBakerMusic)
191 Catarina Sou "ThisIsCat Sousa"

She plays and sings perfectly

192 Catarina Sousa "ThisIsCat Sousa"

She plays and sings perfectly

Amazing voice

There are not many videos but those who have are very good

193 The Brittz
194 Triple Threat
195 Julia Nunes V 1 Comment
196 Evie Clair V 1 Comment
197 Shanthemusickid

She has such a great voice, her cover of pity party was amazing!

198 Ashley Hess
199 Robyn Ottolini
200 Chris Cannon

He has a great original song "Called Home" so moving and touching

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