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61 Luke Conard

He's done quite a few covers with a lot of the people in the top ten or fifteen, and his voice is absolutely amazing!

62 Carson Lueders Carson Lueders

Carson is awesome his hit single is get to know you girl
And now he working in his new single beautiful

63 Hoorahjencar (Joseph Vincent)
64 Daniela Andrade

Whoever doesn't like her is because they haven't heard her. Just go listen to her you guys. Shes an angel. She should be on the top 10, if not the top 1!

She has a breathtaking voice

She is amazing! Her rendition of La Vie en Rose is wonderful! Totally recommend her channel

She is LOVE

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65 Bria Kelly

Bria Kelly can do this with her voice that no one else on this list can.

66 Joseph Vincent

He is an incredible artist and has incredible talent.

67 natewantstobattle

Nate has an amazing voice and it extremely talented. He deserves more recognition then he gets. I hope he continues to do make music and do covers for everyone to enjoy

One of the best singers out there

He rocks and has an awesome voice! - eventer51314

He is an amazing singer and has an awesome voice.

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68 Mike Masse

Radiohead, Rolling Stones, Beatles, U2, you name it. Mike Masse is the most underrated singer/songwriter/cover artist on YouTube. His versions are extremely close to the originals and he remains faithful even to vocal phrasing and turns in each song. If you haven't heard him yet, you're being deprived.

Not many artists, including the original artists, can mesmerize me with their songs as Mike Masse and his friends playing at the local pizza joint. Absolutely flawless voices, harmonies, instrumentals and of course the choices of songs to cover!

Great vocals and superb live sound productions on all the covers you do. Credit must also be given to the bass player Jeff hall as well. Keep them coming mike.

Mike is the best on this list bye far,there is not many people in the world like Mike I love his music

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69 Eloise Drennan

She is amazing. My friend said she was good, even though she's Australian. But she is just so good.

70 Bethany Mota
71 JustMad Music
72 Luciana Zogbi

She has the right pitch

Awesome looks. Very nice voice


73 helenamariamusic (HelenaMaria)
74 MattyBRaps

Wish nothing but the best for you bro!

He is very talented for his age though and doesn't deserve hate though...he's just a kid and I've heard some awful things said about him.

He is the best rapper I ever know I love you mattyb just keep it up and make all your dreams come true

He is an awesome rapper.

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75 Caleb Hyles

Even though he's not well known, I've always liked Caleb the best. He's funny and reminds me of Jack Black.

His cover of "All of Me" by John Legend is amazing

I love his covers, he not only sings but performs it so I love watching his videos the most. He also does really cool songs and lots of them I hadn't heard of before him but am now in love with.

He is absolutely fantastic between Disney and real covers.

Love this guy. I honestly think he should go on The Voice.

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76 Annamarieee22 (Avery)
77 Iggypres (Igor Presnyakov)

Great acoustic guitar covers!

One of the best guitarist ever

78 Jasmine Thompson Jasmine Ying Thompson, better known professionally as just Jasmine Thompson, is an English and Chinese singer and songwriter.

Her songs were amazing. I think she should be in the top ten, doubtlessly.

How is she this low? She is amazing. Should be in the top ten.

She has a beautiful voice.

Great artist!

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79 Shirleymae Smith alias Wildwoodangel61

Whether covering a song or singing her originals she belts them out like nobodies business. Definitely one of the best cover artists I've had the pleasure of listening to. I love her. - Paul

I see her on YouTube and other sites and she is so beautiful and sings so awesomely. I do not know if she is professional, like a Celebrity perhaps but she should be if she isn't. So Cool

She is fantastic. A real natural and a lovely presence and voice. You all go check her out. You will be glad you did I can assure you.

I believe her username is different now but Yes my choice

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80 Gabe Bondoc

One of the best singers in the WORLD! His covers are pure genius! His Guitar skills are out of this world and really worth listening too!

Love his music. His songs are just part of my life

Gabe DOES deserve better than this! Laugh out loud but seriuosly people, he's like darren criss with better vocal quality and everything.

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