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81 Shirleymae Smith alias Wildwoodangel61

Whether covering a song or singing her originals she belts them out like nobodies business. Definitely one of the best cover artists I've had the pleasure of listening to. I love her. - Paul

I see her on YouTube and other sites and she is so beautiful and sings so awesomely. I do not know if she is professional, like a Celebrity perhaps but she should be if she isn't. So Cool

She is fantastic. A real natural and a lovely presence and voice. You all go check her out. You will be glad you did I can assure you.

I believe her username is different now but Yes my choice

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82 Gabe Bondoc

One of the best singers in the WORLD! His covers are pure genius! His Guitar skills are out of this world and really worth listening too!

Love his music. His songs are just part of my life

Gabe DOES deserve better than this! Laugh out loud but seriuosly people, he's like darren criss with better vocal quality and everything.

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83 Holly Henry (hollymaezers)

Holly is awesome. She has this haunting unique voice that makes her different from everyone else. When you hear her voice, you will know its her. She sounds amazing and is just awesome.

Holly is the exact definition of Angel on earth. She just Angel-like beautiful + a unique voice

Why isn't she in the top 10!?

Top 10, for sure!

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84 Postmodern Jukebox

Best cover band there is, their creativity is rivaled by none
new meaning to cover music

85 Vazquez Sounds

Isn't it 170 million views in one video enough to make it in the list?

Angela is the BEST! Definitely.

What?! VazquezSouns are Latin Grammy nominated come on

She is so adorable
I mean Common'at this small age how Angela sings like an angel. Cutest one

86 Mike Tompkins

Common mike tompkins is LIKE the BEST. I don't know why karmin is better that guy makes it sound even better than the original version

Yeah the best and check out his Mother's Day 2016 video. His son Dash is so cute.

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87 Leroy Sanchez (superleroyvv)

Clearly not an auto-tuned voice, and hardly edited in most covers which is more than I can say for those in the top ten! I enjoyed his version of Counting Stars by One Republic more than One Republics's! Should be MUCH higher on the list if it was truly based on singing capabilities.

All of his covers are good! In addition to that, His Originals are the real deal!

Have you bloody heard the man sing? Should definitely should be higher up.

It irritates me that he isn't #1. He is all natural, raw talent!

88 The Filharmonic
89 JRA (J.R. Aquino)
90 Hannah Trigwell

She's a great singer with unique voice. She looks so natural than the other (Youtube artist).

She hs glt an amazing style of singing every song differently. Magical voice

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91 PelleK

Fantastic voice, power, and skill without doubt

What 159! Common this guy is the boomb he, deserves to be in the top 10 list becuse of his most awesome singing voice and great composed cover songs in power metal style.

Fantastic vocal range! Love his anime and video game covers! Pellek ROCKS! m/

92 Jannine Weigel

She is pretty and her voice pretty too.

93 Jess Moskaluke

Her voice is so clear and beautiful. She sounds a lot like carrie underwood. She should really go on American Idol or something, she is that amazing

94 brentalfloss


95 Masha

She is truly the best. Has the most amazing voice ever!. I love the covers she does for imagine dragons

96 JubyPhonic (Juliet Simmons)

She has such incredible vocal talent from deeper songs to higher ones, fast and slow paced songs, and a mix of covers and her original songs. She always is there for her fans, and I listen to her covers/songs all the time! Juby deserves to be voted much higher! This list is for YouTube Cover Artists-not main stream one like Shawn Mendes! Juby needs to be voted up! Just listen to her songs and you'll be agreeing too!

I love her music!


97 SoMo

He hands down has some of the best covers and renditions I've ever heard his voice is so insanely amazing

Any SoMo fan would agree that he should be in the top 10...

The best. how can he be 109?

98 Ben Haenow
99 Kevin Staudt

He did the best cover of my all time favourite song, which is called Never Too Late by Three Days Grace! I absolutely love the emotion he puts into it. Of course, nothing beats the original, but his cover is as close as it gets, so if you haven't yet, I highly recommend his channel! I have yet to watch his other videos, but I felt like that one cover was enough to make me subscribe!

His cover of Never Too Late is an absolute masterpiece! He is the only person I know who can sing it better than the original, and that is a very big deal for me because Three Days Grace is my all time favourite band!

Easily kevin will outperform anyone in this list.suprised why isn't he on the list.He should be number 1 for god's sakes

100 Rajiv Dhall

His the most awesome cover artist I met. He is handsome,popular and even kinda look like Zayn's younger brother ( if he had one )..

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