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141 gewerh44
142 Dez-Air

I love their cover music videos and effort that they put into their songs. They really do a great job spreading international music to the YouTube community.

143 Hobbie Stuart

He just signed with Sony and will be releasing his music in 2013. Check out his original song JULY RAIN. It's really good!

He is my sisters friend and is so kind! I don't mind if you don't believe me but its true. he is really good! :D

People can't see but he's really good.. We love you men.. Benny from Tanzania

144 LalaTheLauren (Lauren Remo)

I idolizes her! She's amazing! She never fail to amaze me in every bit of covers that she made. I'm an avid fan and Houston should put her into T.V. for she has the guts to be the next YouTube SENSATION! LAUREN DESERVES IT!

"She's so talented. She sings, plays guitar, and do piano too. Plus! She have the talent in drawing. :)"

145 Kevin Redrico
146 Zigo
147 TeraBrite
148 Jayme Dee

She's so underrated. She deserves to be number 1! Just listen to her cover of toxic! She's so good

YAAAS her covers and her voice sound very original- perfection.

149 Taylor Brothers
150 Craig Yopp
151 PassionSF
152 Lauren Bonnell

Lauren Bonnell is probably one of the best cover artists I have ever seen! I love her covers, and her voice is really unique. I already bought her songs, and she's a boss at guitar.

Steadily growing subscribers; went from 5000 to 9000 to perhaps more in a couple ones.

Oh, yeah, and 5 Seconds of Summer noticed her too!

I love her voice and she's quite versatile.

153 ceejofficial (Ceej)

This girl is very talented. Probabaly not the best in this list but deserves to be in it. I'm a fan. :) Check her out if you haven't...

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154 Two Worlds

Absolutely stunning vocals on cover songs and originals! They have an EP out now!

155 Timeflies

A unique new sound! Cal raps rez drops some sick beats. They cover a wide range of music in a new way!

156 Danelle Sandoval

Why is she not in the top? Her sweet soulful voice is always putting a smile on my face and she deserves WAY more praise than she gets... Go check out her channel 😶

157 Stephano (Nomakills)

One of the best guitar cover youtubers out there, very underrated!

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158 Andrew Garcia
159 KirstyLowless1
160 Crystal Rajaniemi
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