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gemcloben YouTube: a place where everyone can make anything they want, have freedom of speech and the right to an opinion... Not exactly. Here is why I have my hatred for the video making, commenting and liking videos website known as YouTube. Enjoy the post!

YouTube is one of the biggest influences in our modern culture. It has millions of videos and can be very informative and we can all learn things or be entertained. YouTube is actually how I found Metallica and Megadeth, so why do I hate it so much? Here are some of my reasons.

First of all: YouTube has no real solution to trolling. We can report comments, but YouTube has many trolls who are unable to respect the opinions of others. Maybe that is due to how big the site is, therefore it is hard to keep this situation under control, but that is no excuse for all the horrible people.

Next, YouTube has way too much influence. One video can change the world. Asdfmovie and other viral videos are kind of funny, but the way people obsess over it, is just beyond me. Quoting viral videos or memes doesn't make you cool, but just a stupid childish sad loser.

Now, what annoys me more than anything, is the gamers. Pewdiepie is a millionaire? My world is f*****. They just scream into a microphone and get about 5 million views per video, and people think it is so funny. On the fine Bros channel (one of the only good channels) check out teens and elders react to pewdiepie. The idiot teens love him, but the wise elders hate him. This guy and KSI all need to fade away.

I also want to talk about amateur YouTubers. They think they are something. I have a few friends who have YouTube channels, and they are just so embarrassing. They want a "career" in YouTube and they don't even understand their stupidity. They should get a life and stop living under the illusion that they have talent.

Now, we have seen all these channels who scream at a game, the ones who make dumb quotes that are repeated by a bunch of idiots and the trolls who make YouTube the darkest corner of the internet. Thank you for reading my post on this abomination. Write in the comments if you agree or disagree, AND GIVE REASONS! Have a nice day.


YouTube used to be my opinion outlet until I discovered TTT, no matter what I said, people found a way to shoot me down. More than once, hate messages brought me to tears. In fact, one interaction consisted of this:

Someone: "she's ugly"
Someone else: "go throw yourself off a cliff."
Me: "No one deserves to die."
Everyone: "did you not see what she commented? Are you saying its okay to bully? "
Me: "are you saying you would be satisfied if that person really killed themselves? "
Everyone: "f*** you! " (that's the toned down version).
And I'm not joking I cried when I saw their replies. I'm not a tough person, and I wont ever be, which makes me think YouTube isn't the place for me. Though I would argue into saying that everyone needs to believe they have talent. If I didn't believe I was good at art, I would've stopped. In fact, for a while, I did because I thought I would never be good enough! I applaud your friends for believing in themselves. Not to mention, you uploaded a video of you playing guitar, believing it was good (it was, don't worry), but your friends could've said the same things about you! I wanted to be a beauty guru for the longest time, YouTube seems to be a great career, if it weren't so tiring and hateful... - keycha1n

I wish there are more people like you on the internet. Cyberbullies are f***ing pigs - Delgia2k

I'm happy you're here now. Nobody should be talked to like that. Here, people like that don't last very long before they're made to look like the immature simpletons they are. - BKAllmighty

I have a hard time believing the world is really full of people like that. Perhaps the anonymity made them brave. So brave that they will say anything and as brutally honestly as they wish to. I wont and don't WANT to believe anyone would say that in real life to me, but it could just be me being immature and naive as well... - keycha1n

"Go throw yourself on a cliff"

I like these jokes. - visitor

And by the way, hatred is an opinion, so let's just deal with it. - visitor

I strongly agree with this. You know why? I'll tell you why.

1-about troll: Trolls are bunch of ass, and YouTube doesn't seem to give crap about them.

2-About viral videos: True that, viral videos bring annoyance to the world.

3-about insane gamers:Now how come screaming like an immature is funny? I don't find it funny at all. You said "my world is f*****", you're not alone, gemcloben.

That's all I have to say. Great post, gemcloben. - Delgia2k

KSI is actually quite entertaining. - Puga

I second that! - DapperPickle

I used to be on YouTube a lot. But then I came here and felt a million times better. I was getting tired of the negativity and focus on people who don't really do much. And yes, gemcloben, The Fine Bros are awesome. Them, and Rhett & Link are the people I watch. - BKAllmighty

RHETT AND LINK! Such hard workers with passion towards everything they do! They're songs are masterfully crafted and show so much dedication. Not to mention they are mature and intelligent guys! They're videos always have underlying messages, usually commenting about actual problems and never cease to entertain! - keycha1n

Well I use watch videos there a lot & I think Youtube's a really good thing but as I read comments I think I'll never register there or even if I do I won't comment there cause as I see nowadays it the easiest way to start an online war! - Fan_of_Good_Music

Not all game channels scream into a microphone. Two Best Friends Play don't do that and they're really funny. They deserve 1,000,000 subs. - bobbythebrony

Well, what do you think about those people like Matthew Santoro? - visitor

Try looking at the same people... - Nateawesomeness

Thanks for a good laugh m8 - Nateawesomeness

I like YouTube better than this site. - visitor