Jordan is my favorite YouTuber out of anyone. People say a person's fan base reflects who they are, and that couldn't be truer for him. He is logical, animated, and innocent. He's the smart kid in the back of the classroom of YouTube, the one that everyone knows about but few truly take the chance to get the know him personally. If you want an extremely down-to-earth guy that will make you smile and play along, maybe even sing a little, then this is the kind of channel you want to watch.
He doesn't curse very much, as well, and he does fantastically on his own and with other YouTubers. He's also extremely likable, and if you don't want to get mad at who you're watching, then again, watch this guy! He is as honest as he possibly can, he's committed and consistent, and he always updates his fans on information and news. Just give him a look-see, okay?! He's really an epic person.

CaptainSparklez is amazing because he's funny and just plain awesome. He's amazing with collaborations. I have proof that he is amazing. He has 8,892,291 subscribers. If you can't read numbers, that's eight million eight hundred thousand ninety two thousand nine hundred twenty one.

Not only does he have talent at what he plays, his personality is one that you instantly fall in love with. Jordan always has interesting, funny content, and he never fails to impress. Just ask his over 3 million subscribers.

I love him! Like the others have said, he isn't annoying as most YouTubers are. Although he may be a little into the imperative side when usually talking with his fellow YouTubers, (especially if that person happens to be a bit slow, understanding his logical connotations) but he's not really the assertive type or the overly arrogant guy who will always have the incessant arguing mouth just for a stupid topic they won't agree with even in the slightest bit. And also he always tries to keep his channel general-aged friendly. Even though I may not be into youtubing much but he's one of the guys who never fails to entertain me, cheers!

Captain sparkles is the best YouTube ever! He never fails to entertain and is funny without it becoming annoying. Defiantly deserves to be higher up the list

He is awesome he has I've a billon views so amazing he is also so cute his laugh and everything you can never get enough of him! He is also never annoying! I am a huge fan if his I love him!

He is just a downright incredible person. His music videos are amazing, as well as his love for what he does and all the effort he puts into his videos. He's hilarious and should be #1

He and his friends make the coolest music videos ever. He almost never curses by himself. He is funny and is awesome. So go sparkles and jerry

"A lot more than any other gaming channel in history" says the top comment. Oh be quiet, this list is for underrated you tubers I haven't heard of. Get Sky off this list, he sucks.

He's really funny in that awkward sort of sense, where he sucks at trying to make jokes, but he's funny when he's not trying.

Captain Sparklez is funny, down to earth, and always entertaining!

I love the diversity, I might not like everything he is doing at a given point in time, but I know I will like at least 2-3 videos a week.

CaptainSparklez is amazing! I know some people might disagree but his videos are awesome. He deserves TOP!

I love his music videos and he just has the best personality he's always energetic and tons of fun
Keep it up!

You should take a look at his hunger games videos he has over 250 of them

It's because nearly everyone who is interested in gaming knows him

He is awesome and all the building games they are so fun, hunger games and the music videos

CaptainSparklez is the best I couldn't believe that he would play mine craft story mode

He's my favorite. There isn't a video he's made that I didn't like.

He makes the best minecraft parodies, and he super awesome!

I love your videos so much wish I could watch them every day

He's the creator of the original minecraft parodies like TNT and Revenge.

Amazing! He makes me laugh! (And cry when he died in Minecraft story mode)

Captain sparkles is amazing the rest of these weirdos are stupid - Graysoniscool

He is probably one of the greatest youtubersreact around and makes epic content that will keep you watching till the very end and makes amazing music videos with over 100 million views!