Where to begin! He always uploads games that are worth the watch. He'll upload his videos (usually) daily. Not to mention he uploads videos that are often between half-an-hour to an hour long. It helps to become immersed with him mid-game when the episodes are so lengthy - don't even get me started on his voice though. I have introduced several people to his episodes, all of whom mention how much they love his voice. I find that a lot of YouTube gamers aren't bearable mostly because of how they sound, and I admittedly usually watch no-commentary let's play videos. Cry is an exception.

Cry is the best you tuber on earth. I mean it. He's funny, sweet and somewhat emotional player, who can really play games with a good stories. There's also this mysterious air around him, because he doesn't want to show his real face. So you can imagine how he looks like! :) He also has amazing voice which he uses to read horror stories for us. He's also kind of cute soul if I may say, with great amount of justice. Though he can also be creepy and little psycho if the game needs it.

I love cry very much and to think the fact that he's not higher on the list. You guys are crazy. His voice is very loving. Cry keeps me amused. And he's for real with what he says and steel manage to keep touch with his fans.

Cry is the absolutely the best for me. Not only is he a very skilled gamer, but he, unlike MANY gamers these days, shows his emotional and sentimental connections with characters in games. Although, this doesn't really mean he's an emotional sissy, because, he is actually very manly and brave at most times. I believe the thing that I love most about him, may be his voice. Also, his laugh literally can melt anyones heart.

Cry is my all time favorite Gamer on YouTube.
His sense of humor is the highlight and he's all about the story when he plays, completely immersing himself in the game.
His voice can melt butter and his personality keep you coming back.
And he's very consistent with his content.

... And he makes scary games bearable.
And when he reads stories? Oh man, don't EVEN get me started.
The man has a talent with that voice.
And he's a goof.
Love that guy.


Cry's voice.

Testimony over. Cry's now 1st place. Goodbye. But yeah, he's pretty legendary. If you haven't seen his content, I'd say go watch him.

I've actually seen straight guys going crazy over his voice. If that doesn't say something, I don't know what will. - TCMMKLA

Cry's a guy who genuinely cares about his subscribers. Take the descriptions for one thing. Most YouTubers fill it with advertisements like shirts or merchandise or other channels. Cry, however...doesn't. He leave little messages or entries in his descriptions on EVERY video. He is one of, if not THE, best choice and contender for this list.

Why isn't cry in top ten Unbelievable, cry I hope to see you top ten you really, really deserve it :) you make me happy when I have my downs

Cry is so chill about everything and makes cute comments towards games. His voice is beautiful and his sneeze is the most adorable thing I have ever heard.

He is a mysterious guy with a deep voice who has never showed his face but has kept me on edge and sometimes laughing my head off.

Cryptic is certainly the best his humor never gets old his hilarious and he gets better and better he's a mystery that needs more love. Go find him.

Cry is very amazing! I have no idea how to describe how amazing he is, but I really love his videos! He is funny and very sweet :D

Never played a single game in my entire life, but I still watch all his videos. That must mean something.

His voice is the best thing to hear after having a really stressful day.

This guy is honest and will be upfront and admit when he is paid to play a game. Anything else?


I honestly don't know why cry doesn't have WAY more subscribers. His voice is epic.

Why hasn't anyone put him on yet? His voice is awesome and he is good at games - BlackDeathCode

He is thy best at what he does anyone who disagrees is just plain stupid

Cry should be number 1 in my opinion just watch one of his videos you'll

You are awesome and your laugh is cool

Unlike other LPers, Cry's videos have a calm and almost relaxing feel to them while still being hilarious, which is a breath of fresh air from the other gamers who try too hard to be funny.

Great voice and fun personality

When people hear Cry's voice.
Ovaries exploding and panties hitting the ground can be heard for miles.
He is a celestial being sent from whatever god is out there.
Cry is love, Cry is life. - Solar

Cry is a wonderful person and should be higher on his list due to his popularity and all his fans. I literally asked my friends, whom watch only the best gamers play games on YouTube, who RoosterTeeth, OfficialNerdCubed, and UberHaxerNova are, since I had no idea who they were, and they had no clue either! The aren't very popular where I live. Most people in Maui watch Cry, Pewds, Ken, Minx, and Mark since they are super funny. So I think Cry needs to be higher on this list.