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Seán William McLoughlin, better known by his online pseudonym Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTube personality, known primarily for his comedic Let's Play series and vlogs.


Hey why isn't Jack #2 he is AWESOME! What I like about him is that he never gives up. When he's playing a game for example Happy Wheels (my favorite), when he makes it to the finish line or not he all ways makes me laugh. but you know what Jack you don't need to be #1 to be awesome or be cool your all ways both. STAY AWESOME AND LIVE LIFE LIKE A BOSS!

Extremely dedicated to his channel and subscribers, updating twice a day and consistently replying and sharing fan content on his social media. Jack is honestly one of the sweetest, funniest and most passionate YouTubers out there who deserves all the love and more than he already receives.
You can tell he genuinely loves his work and subscribers, as it shows through every second of his videos and every letter on his social media. I would recommend anyone to watch the sunbeam nicknamed Jacksepticeye for a double dose of happiness in their daily life.

Jacksepticeye is one of the funniest, most amazing, most appreciative YouTuber I have ever seen. He is so considerate of his fans, and is constantly telling them how much he adores them. He is very connected with his fans, and most of his day is spent interacting with his fans. He makes two videos a day, and not only does that give something for viewers to do but the videos are consistent and always at a certain time of the day. I enjoy him more than PewDiePie even because he is, for the most part, respectful and loving toward him fans. Now at 9.9 million subs, I think he'll continue to do great things like the BOSS he is!

I absolutely love this guy! I mean first of all he's Irish and he just enjoys making videos! He screams a lot but that's what makes him awesome! I know that having five million subs might not matter to you but it is a great accomplishment! His happy wheels videos are also so amazing! I mean, 78 episodes? Wow

Jack is really cool, and so are his videos! Even though he may come off as a bit rowdy and loud to some people, he tends to be hilarious and outright funny. He settles down when doing vlogs or respectable games, and another quality I like about him is that he always puts his subscribers first!

Jacksepticeye to me I think is very funny. The first video of Jacksepticeye I watched was sumatori dreams and I just thought that I'm gonna search this guy up on YouTube. I like that Mark and him are friend because I watch them both and I like them a lot I like Jacks Slime Ranchers and I think he should do more of those videos. He should also try ROBLOX I think it's a really fun game and he should try it. I like when his Punch that like button like a boss and Ill see you all in the next video.

Jack is the most warm hearted person in the world and he's so humble. Yes he screams a lot he's probably one of the most loudest YouTubers but damn he means a lot to me and so many others he cares and loves each and everyone of us in the community and also a really nice community we have love this guy to bits

Jacksepticeye uploads two videos a day and works very hard. His sense of humor is also very funny and he is rather humble. He cares a lot about his subscribers and tries to make them feel important and appreciated. He is the best gaming YouTuber I have seen, he deserves many more subscribers and I am surprised that he didn't get at least in the top ten.

Jack should be #1 on this list no doubt about it! He really connects with his viewers and has the strongest community on YouTube. He care's about everyone of us and is very truthful about what he thinks and does. The best thing about him is the community that has grown because of him, the community is like a family and if you just want someone to talk to then you can go there and that is thanks to Jack! Xx

Okay there must be some type of mistake. Jacksepticeye should not be in 9th. This is really wrong Jack/Sean should be in 1st place for everything that he does in youtube. From the way he shouts really loud and ruins our ears drums to the way he would swear all his anger away. This study is wrong I completely disagree that pewdiepie should be in first. The person in first should be JACKSEPTICEYE!

Just watch it. Under all the screaming and obnoxiousness he's a really genuine and cool guy. Not only are his videos entertaining, but I think he deserves it as a person. He pours his heart and soul into every video, and it shows! He loves his community and we love him.

Hold on, why is the smol bean so low? Let's be real, Pewds is okay, but honestly I feel like Jack needs a little more respect! He's absolutely amazing, funny to watch, and relatable. The most relatable people are the people I can grow to love and connect with. I've never met him before, and yeah, he sounds loud and obnoxious ninety percent of the time, but he makes me feel like I'm worth something. "That's us," -The Last Guardian #1 Jacksepticeye. It's not him. It's us, the community. He feels like a true friend to everyone, and I just love him so much. He makes me smile everyday.

Oh my god if you check his Twitter, most of his tweets were him talking to his fans. He is so energetic in the comments! Yesterday was his birthday and he sent out millions of tweets to people who said happy birthday to him. He is like mark, he cares

Jack awesome! He always has a positive attitude and is very funny. I love watching his videos and I'm very disappointed in his place. But you know, you don't have to be #1 to prove that you're awesome =) - ThatFangirl

Jack is definitely my favorite YouTuber (No offense, Mark! ). He has a way of making everyone feel like they are a part of his videos. Whenever I watch him, it's like a burst of energy comes through the screen, and is absorbed into my veins. If Jack does a game, you can be sure he'll do it ALL THE WAY! He won't quit in the middle, and he will play LIKE A BOSS! If you haven't seen his videos, go check them out.

Yeah, there's many youtubers out there, but Jacksepticeye has to be the best one. He's really funny and he makes a bunch of random comments and jokes while he's gaming. I don't like watching him when I'm around my parents because he curses a lot so I stay in my room so my parents won't yell at me for watching a youtuber that curses. I enjoy watching his videos and he can always make my day

This guy is awesome. He's always energetic in every single video and he always makes me laugh. It makes me sad that Jacksepticeye is only number 30 on this list...

Jack is the kind of guy who seems like a friend even behind a screen.His videos are super funny, he is nice, and uploads twice a day with dedication and consistency. Hundred percent the best you tuber ever, closely followed by Mark. I can't believe he is so low in believe he's so low in the ratings. So now go and PUNCH THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON IN THE FACE, LIKE A BOSS! HIGH FIVES ALL ROUND!

Jack should be under Markiplier. Jack is growing at a big rate and has kept it together and is still humble. I especially love his personality because it is so joyful and energetic and can put a smile on anyone's face

I absolutely love his energy, first of all. Nothing makes me happier than screaming his intro and outro to his videos with him. I also love the content he puts out and the connections he makes with his fans.

He should be MUCH higher on this list. he's hilarious, works very hard and you can tell he really does care about his viewers. He actually refers to them as his friends. I think that's pretty awesome.

Jack is just hilarious and he cares a lot about his community! He is also very entertaining to watch! He also works his ass off when it comes to uploading videos! To me, he is the best you tuber ever!

Jack is very true and while watching him you can truly feel a connection with him. You're not just sitting there watching him playing, you're actually experiencing it with him. One nice community. He knows when to be serious and when to joke around about stuff. He is definitely underrated and is truly one of the best YouTubers I've ever seen!

He's a very humble guy, and he likes to talk about things, on YouTube, with other people, he doesn't hold anything back, and he thinks the best part about his job is entertaining other people

He is my favorite he yells cusses a lot and mark is kinda getting old and kinda boring and jack makes me smile and laugh when I really need it he has a real irish accent and he is a BOSS