Markiplier has gotten me out of some pretty dark times in my life. I know that sounds cliche, but it's true. A few years ago, I was really depressed. I was cutting and thinking (daily) about suicide. My friend brought up a conversation about a guy who yelled, screamed and cussed a lot, but made him laugh daily. So I asked my friend to show me a video. He showed me and I laughed for the first time in months. I was finally happy and smiling. I've been subscribed to Markiplier ever since and have fallen in love (NOT in a weird way) with his stupidity and hilarity. He has brought light into my world that used to never exist. It's been three years now, and I've watched him grow. When I subscribed to him, he had 13 million. Now he has over 17 million and I couldn't be more happy for him. He deserves everything he has and if you're not subscribed to him yet, or you have no clue who he is, look him up, subscribe and prepare for infinite stupidity and tons of laughs, and some seriousness when ...more

Mark is second favorite Youtuber ever right after Nice Peter. He's so sweet and uses his powers for good by hosting live streams to raise money for cancer research. I hope he makes it as big as Pewdie (whom I also love)

If there's one person that keeps humor around me all the time, that person would be the one and only Markiplier. For years, I've been watching his videos everyday (mostly when I'm in a bad mood) to keep me happy. He is proud, awkward, funny, kind-hearted, and beloved. He is good at making friends and really good at games. He may seem like a screw-up to most games, but who the hell is stopping him?! Haters, who never understand sense of humor, always comes to his videos to put in crappy comments about the guy. Only guess what, haters: he's not gonna stop anyway. So, don't comment or watch his videos to make him feel bad (even though it barely effects him). I really hope Mark is reading these comments and cherishing them. Nobody can be very nice and good as him.

Mark Has done a lot for people, you can see it in the 20,000 subscriber video that his fans have made. Even now as he is at 2,387,075 subscribers he is still thanking his fans for everything. He doesn't boast or act when he does his videos, and if you ever heard him thanking his fans like he does a lot. You would hear the sincerity in his voice and know that he isn't saying that to get more subs. He is saying that because he cares and he honestly means it. In the end after every thank you, after every charity live-stream He is doing what he really loves to do. Entertaining people on YouTube by playing games, making them smile and laugh, and helping the comunity. He should be at the top if not second.

I found him just yesterday and already he has influenced me so much. His larger-than-life personality is such an inspiration to me.

He's so much more than just an entertainer - he's showcasing the human aspect of games and I think that's a really important facet that a lot of people overlook when they dismiss games as "just for kids" or whatnot.

I see him leading the change on the way we connect globally, and I am captivated and want to be a part of it. He's doing something good for the world in a way only he can, and I'll be cheering from the other side of the world for him always

There are 2 things that are amazing about Mark. Firstly, he does these frequent charity live streams for so many different charities, and has raised millions to help them. Secondly, he never changes. No matter how many subscribers he gets, he never forces a joke, plays on any "persona" or just generally takes for granted what we as viewers have given to him. He's always reminding us of how grateful he is to have us backing him, and that makes him a clean cut above the rest. I started watching Pewds at 61000 subscribers and unsubscribed by 20mil, for the simple reason that he totally changed. This is something that you will never get from Mark. He is one of the funniest guys on the internet and does genuinely enthralling material, so definitely worth a watch!

Markiplier hosts charity live streams every month for crying out loud! He is defiantly better and than pewdiepie who only cares about money and subscribers. Mark is also very sensitive and shows that he cares about his viewers. He plays games his viewers want to see not games that he found in the 5 dollar bin and GameStop like pewdiepie does. He just had surgery and still did videos to let his fans know how he was doing and that takes strength. Why markiplier is not at the top of this list is beyond me but he is the best in my eyes!

Mark is absolutely wonderful. He gives money to charities, he's a fantastic voice actor, and let's face it, he's adorable when he's terrified! Even when a game takes its toll on him, and actually scares him, or gives him nightmares, he is determined to finish and let his fans enjoy it. He has a big heart, and I'm glad to say that his fans have a place in it, which isn't the case for some others.

Mark is not only handsome, but he's also considerate and HILARIOUS. He'll say he's just a normal person, but he's far from that. He's saved lives, he's made people smile when they had no reason to smile anymore. He tries his best to interact with his viewers and fans, and he's just a great person. I LOVE MARKIPLIER.

Mark is awesome I love his challenges like the hot sauce ones he's super funny and I always love watching him either it be with my friends or not. I have no idea how he plays those scary games without being scared I know I would be terrified. I like how he does the charity live streams and I think that he is very kind and caring. I'm pretty sure we all shout when playing games I know I do it doesn't really matter what game I play I start yelling at it.

Mark can be described in just 4 words "Smart, Funny, Adorable, Weird, and Awesome". He just thoughtful about things and loves his friends a lot and helps his subs a lot. Many of his subs want to help with his charity events, changing the world event, and we all want to help. He's just the teddy bear you want to take care of and keep safe. He's the big brother or friend you just want to be around. Or when the Fangirls crush "Future boyfriend" status. Its everyone's dream to meet him and it's a goal or wish they want, even me. :D He should be 2nd to PewDiePie

Mark has made me laugh more than anyone else in the world he's smart very good at what he does he is generous donates all the money he gets to charity he also gets genuinely scared many others just pretend and its funny when he misses the simplest things there is a lot more I could say but it doesn't really matter because in my opinion he is the best.

UGH I LOVE MARKIMOO! He is so kind and generous, and he always makes me smile. He talks to his fans as if they were his family, and he is sincere. His laugh is the greatest thing ever, and it makes me laugh. I love how he also makes comedy sketches and not just gaming videos. I wish one day I can meet Mark in person and tell him thank you for bringing me so much joy and laughter in my life. Mark, if you're reading this, please keep up what you are doing and don't let anybody drag you down

He is such a great person. He is funny, generous and honest with his fans. When he talks about his feelings and thanks his fans for their support, he always manages to make me cry. He can be hilarious and sometimes a little bit annoying, but he is still incredibly likeable. This guy with the big heart deserves to be number one!

Just discovered Markiplier after ignoring his content for a while. He's one of the most genuine, loving and caring you tubers out there and I'm glad I finally gave him a chance. He literally became my favorite you tuber after watching just one of his videos. The way he cares about his fans and what he does is amazing!

Generous as can be, hilarious, lovely guy, he wants you to be happy, that means more to him than anything, a great reviewer, screamer and carer. He holds massive charity funding events at least once a month and even kick-starts them with his own donations.
Almost at 1.5 million subscribers, guys!

Markiplier is my number one favorite. He has so much massive talent in the way he does his gaming. His voice, his jokes, and his reactions are the best out there. He's also such an appreciative person and does many charity live streams for different good causes. I'm proud to be a fan of his.

Mark is very kind and good person.. He has a beautiful personality, he's very funny, but he can also be serious. He's not that kind of guy that try in every way to make people laugh, he's just natural and being himself. I really apreciate also what is he doing for the charity, he has a very big heart and I really hope too see more of his videos for a very long time. :) Thanks Mark for all your effort to make people a little more happy.

Mark does have the humor of a 10 year old and is a big pervert sometimes when it comes to his videos. But honestly he is kind, generous, back when he had nothing every 5,000 subscribers he sent out a milestone video and cried in every one of them. He cares for his friends he just doesn't do it for money.

Markiplier is probably one of the best lets players I have ever seen. His voice is amazing, just absolutely stunning. He makes me laugh as well, which is something not many lets players have accomplished. No one even comes close to Markiplier. He's just that good

Mark is very humorous, and can make anyone laugh. He is extremely generous. I never saw anyone on YouTube that cares that much about his subscribers. And no matter how scary or terrifying a game is, he will continue. Tremendous heart, funny laugh, and determined.

I feel offended that someone on the worst gamers thinks half his fan-base is a bunch of unintelligent kids... Really? Have the comments on his videos? Would an eight year old say some of that? And Mark is actually one of the most genuine, kind and caring YouTubers I know. You can't fake that. He's said so himself he cares about us, and he doesn't do this job for the money, by the way. He does it because he loves entertaining people, and he enjoys playing horror games, (and other games, that's just an example) Plus, Mark has done so much for charity, so much for the sick. He deserves more love. :D

He is totally awesome. His videos make me laugh even if I am in a really bad mood. He is also very serious. I mean, you can really count on him to post videos on a daily basis. He should totally be way up there, in the top 10 most subscribed channels.

Not only is Markiplier lively, jolly, random, and actually grateful towards his fans, he makes jokes JUST BECAUSE HE CAN. Unlike other YouTubers, he doesn't try to be funny. He jokes and jokes and jokes without a care in the world. If it weren't for his freedom, we wouldn't have awesome jokes like Tiny Box Tim or Press B to Blow. He laughs and jokes freely, and I love it.

Markiplier is amazing and funny and everything you could hope for. What is good too is that he responds well to his fan base. Markiplier has been around for a while and I think he deserves a little more credit.