He may possibly be the funniest man on the internet. He covers all sorts of games and even if it is a game I don't like, he still makes it awesome. The real great thing about Dan is that he really loves doing this and cares about the quality of his videos. He has said that if he watches a video and thinks its garbage he just won't put it out, he doesn't care if it is essentially losing him money he wants his channel to have a good reputation. I also live his bluntness about some topics. He says that he appreciates us watching his videos. But when a fan decided to find out where he lived and showed up acting like Dan was supposed invite him in for tea, he made a video telling us that it is a business and he owes us nothing. He makes the funny videos, we laugh like it and make him some money. This is how I think it should be. Overall I think even with 1.4 million subs he is still underrated and deserves way more fans than the loud, obnoxious Pewdiepie.

Nerdcubed has a personality like no other, his humour is both funny and understanding to teens and adults. When he talks about what makes a game poor, the facts he states is 100% correct and gives by far the best reviews on them.

He does silly little challenges and mucks about all the time on video games. He's absolutely worth your time to watch, I remember showing my friends a bunch of his videos, now they are subscribed and watch him daily. I always watch a video of his knowing I'm going to laugh, smile and giggle and so far that hasn't been a disappointment. He's by far one of the BEST gamers on youtube I have come across. His accent makes him all the more addicting to watch. He deserves to be at the top.

Never before have I found someone who actually puts effort into carefully editing his lets plays until I discovered Dan, he takes his time to create the funniest video possible and has left me in pain from laughing before. He is also incredibly well educated and is able to touch upon some sensitive subjects without causing a flame war. I can think of no one more deserving of youtube fame.

Nerdcubed combines a mixture of beautifully edited videos, witty humour, and spontaneous outbursts of hysterical laughing which altogether form some of the very best gaming videos you will find on youtube. He doesn't act like a person with over a million subscribers - he stays true to himself, and it shows in his videos. You can easily relate to him, and many a time will you find yourself contemplating over his opinions and wisdom, and in tears due to his amazing sense of humour. One of the best youtubers around, and certainly my favorite. Long live the Procrastinators!

He is basically the reason I am alive. He keeps me motivated and makes me laugh every time I watch, mostly without fail. When I watch Dan I feel like I am getting to know him. His comedy, and those like it, are the funniest things in existence, and his brilliant personality inspires me in a much greater way than just comedy could do.

Fantastic channel, very focused on the viewers. Hilarious jokes no matter what game he may be playing. I, along with many others, sat through 8 hours of him playing the most boring game of all time and I loved it. He very obviously puts a lot of effort into his channel and never releases a video he has a problem with. Thanks Dan!

He is a pioneer when it comes to ideas on YouTube, he's very underrated and he is the editing king! Always cares about the Indie Dev's and the triple A games. Very respectful and intelligent with his reviews, personally I love his sense of humor. Over all he makes high quality thoughtful videos for all to enjoy! If you haven't watched his videos you have to check out Dan "OfficialNerdCubed' out as soon as possible.

He is my preferred channel, he is funny and he says jokes that you CAN GET, he doesn't just scream swear words in our faces (hint hint. This amazing man (who may be secretly 70 years old) must get #1. He deserves it cause he works his ass off and takes his personal time away to make videos for us, his fans. Procrastinators Unite FOREVER.

One of my favourite people ever, he puts real effort into his videos and this creates hilarious results. But another major reason he deserves this title is that he is not afraid to state his honest opinions. Seriously underrated, even at more than 1 million subs

He does, on average, a video every day of the week, and they never fail to disappoint. He does critical reviews of games (albeit with a comedic twist), and he has several series of shows, such as Three Free Games Friday and Nerdcubed Challenges. One of the funniest people on Youtube.

He is very opinionated and doesn't just love every game, he relies on genuine comedy and humour to be funny and does not rely on shouting and talking in strange voices for humour, he spends much more time editing his videos then recording them which means there are no boring parts at all.

A very honest and down to earth reviewer with him nothing is sugar coated if something is bad he doesn't skirt around it, if something is good he will praise it for eternity because he knows that in this world great games are few and far between oh and he's British so I can relate

Although it is not my favourite channel as I recently stumbled across it, I laughed hysterically at the first video I watched. He knows how to edit the videos just right so they so funny. He is a brilliant game reviewer/critic, providing some of the best advice on games along with a large amount of humour.

Nerdcubed is essentially the most brilliant man I've ever known. Possibly a bit mad, but that really doesn't matter. If it makes him the funnyman he is, I'm fine with it. He deserves to be the King of the Web, whereas Pewdiepie just screams at things.

This is the most funniest gamer and is very cool at editing to make it more funny

Dan is an incredibly talented man at editing, and his videos always bring a smile to my face. His videos are well made, high effort videos. He should win this through the sheer comedy and effort. Keep on procrastinating, Dan!


Nerd is my favourite channel his editing is near perfection and his content is just hilarious for example the Democracy 3 video he did he claimed was going to be one of his less funny videos and it was still one of the best videos on Youtube (in my opinion) I've know about him for about a year and he's been my favourite Youtuber ever since.

Actually surprised that he was put at #4, considering that he is not nearly as well known as some other people below him. But seriously, it's the only gaming channel I watch and actually enjoy. More people vote! - SwiftLover13

I found him by pure coincidence and immediately loved it. The editing is well done, commentary is good, and he's actually pretty darn funny. If you haven't watched any of his content before, go do so. You might just have a good time.

I have been watching his channel for about 3 maybe 4 years now, and it is the best. He is very funny and is never boring, and that is kind of rare now these days on YouTube. I'm actually quite surprised he isn't more recognized around the gaming community.

He always makes me laugh and isn't like anyone I've ever seen. He doesn't play a lot of super popular games so it's very different view. He plays actually good simulations along with terrible terrible simulations and a wide range of others.

I find that Nerd cubed is one of the TRUE gamers on youtube, he is a funny man who has been playing games his whole life. Other youtubers don't possess the same background as him.

My favorite channel. He is very funny and his videos are heavily edited so you are never bored very hard working and just so cool daily videos and mature so he doesn't swear every single second.

FINALLY in the top 10. I come by this list every month or so to see where Dan is ranked (last time he was in the 30's). It's great to see him at second, showing what a dedicated community we are. Let's get to #1 fellow procrastinators!

Ugh when will Dan (Nerd cubed) ever reach 1 million subs? He's funny and not boring, his editing is the best and all around best youtuber and why is he so low on this list?!