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221 Kubz Scout

He is very underrated and should have millions of subs

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222 Moo Snuckel V 1 Comment
223 Miniminter V 3 Comments
224 Slogoman V 4 Comments
225 TBNRfrags

Wooow TBNRfrags should be in at least top 20

Who ever made this is stupid this guy deserves to be number one

He's funny and has a great sense of humor :( why the fudge is he so low on this list?!?

226 vash1239

He's very underrated funny plays some pretty good games. Big resident evil fan

227 PrestonPlayz

He is the best he should be in top ten well he's number 1 in my top ten! GOOD JOB PRESTON

I love your videos never give up and I love you 9 year old Canada Delta

The whole Pack is the best I don't know why they are not in the top ten

He is the best even he is not in the top 10. HE IS THE 1ST FOR ME GOD JOB PRESTON AND YOUR 4 MILLION SUB IN YOUTUBE

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228 Funhaus

This one should be so much higher. They completely suck at games, but the comedy is on point. While the comedy is pretty adult, it's always great. If you offend easily then they probably aren't for you though.

More adult humour than most of the gaming channels out there. Great because they play mostly play glitchy, hilarious indie games.

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229 Kwebbelkop

It makes no sense to me that Kwebbelkop isn't further up the list. He's ' hilarious! Absolutely love his hyper personality and ask of his videos.

Swears a lot but my bro and I are big fans

I love his Grand Theft Auto dude!

#229 Are you serious? Kwebbelkop should be way higher. I love his Happy Wheels and Grand Theft Auto videos and its fun to watch him, Slogoman and Jelly play together. They got a better fanbase than someone like PewDiePie. I really enjoy this guys channel even there's a little bit of clickbaits.

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230 Sl1pg8r

I love his videos there funny they make me laugh and they make me feel better when I'm down and I think he should be #1

Where do I start? Haha he's a very funny YouTuber and deserves to be at the top of this list! He's a genuine guy to his fans and just smoothly relates to his fans! He's #1 to be honest...

Um... HILARIOUS! This guy is at least #2

I am sl1pg8r

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231 Guava Juice

Grow a mind people Roi is a clean perfect youtuber who loves his fans and show respect can admit his flaws and do his best to be the best he can be

He was part of wassibi prodictions and he was good so I think he will be good at gaming and he is.

He is the beat gamer ever.i love his videos

232 SuperMarioLogan

But he's not really a gaming channel.

I like the jeffy rap

233 TonyPizzaGuy

I can't believe I had to add him one time on his website he let vote for the matches on WWE 13 - toy

234 Stampylongnose

He is awesome funny and cool you should check him out

He is a YouTuber who is mainly for kids but older people could watch too he don't swear only in his early videos now he never ever swears

I like your videos love you

He's very funny and creative so u should go and tap his videos every time u see it

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235 TributesGaming / The Gaming Tributes

Their videos always make my day! There's no one like them, they should be placed higher

Love them, too bad they stopped making videos

236 VenturianTale

Jordan has this incredible ability to create something with nothing
which makes him so enjoyable to watch and be immersed in completely random hilarious adventures.

Honestly, If nothing else I find his videos refreshing and he helps motivate me to live in this two-faced world.

My son loves this group, thank you so much for keeping it clean, and the leader has a fantastic radio-like voice.

Those people are awesome they are funny

Funny imaginable and awesome not to mention any age watchable, venturiantale is four siblings that game together they play different games sometimes but mostly gmod they are hilarious to watch and when your sad I'm sure they could cheer you up -

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237 MattShea

Hilarious! His commentary always cracks me up!

MattShea is so funny! Deserves more subs

He's a rising YouTuber who's hilarious without being over-the-top. He's not completely PG but he's also not overly gross either. I have not found a single video in which he has failed to make me laugh. Check him out!

238 CoryxKenshin

He is an awesome YouTuber who doesn't swear and is hilarious. He really tries his best to connect with his fans despite there being more than 100,000 people who watch him. Chances are, if you try to comment a lot, he'll respond to you at least once. He did for me.

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239 Mr. Fruit

Hilarious. Enough said. And for those who are like that, he bleeps out all his cursing. Which adds to the funniness.

Started as a "Destiny YouTuber" but unlike Datto has stayed relevant during the great destiny drought and is definitely worth checking out!

Started watching for the frequent Titanfall content, stayed for the hilarity and genuine personality!

Best youtuber out there right now in my opinion

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240 Cartoonz V 1 Comment
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