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241 TheMediaCows

This is my favorite YouTube channel Tom, Ray, Zach, Dewey are the best

God why is this not tied with the radbrad tey are my favorite youtube gamers I love them I can't have anymore higher than th

242 Sips

Sips is just the best guy! He has amazing editing skills and his commentary is simply hilarious.

243 The Diamond Minecart

Should be at least top 10. He make child friendly videos that everyone should love. Watch him once and you won't want to watch anyone else.

He makes great videos and are really funny! His channel is also suitable for children!

This one is not the real diamond minecart try to search dantdm instead

I watch the Diamond Minecart. He does more than gaming, and he never cusses. He is child-friendly, and is really funny. He is also known as DANTDM. Some of my favorite videos of his are:

I SING MY THEME SON G?! l ink: http s:// w ww.y outube .com/wat ch? v =trvR5dUtecY
Would You Rather | SUPER SOUR CHALLEN GE! l ink: http s:// w ww.y outube .com/wat ch? v =VPPYW6yuO_8 - ArianaLover

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244 Mr.Sark

Sark is the God of YouTube gaming his jokes are always on point and he even adds in sound effects which you sometimes don't even notice but definitely enhances the video. He shows no restraint when it comes to talking about ridiculous subjects. He plays with seananners,chilled chaos, and captain sparklez to name a few. He deserves to be in the top 10 because of the effort he puts into his videos.

In my opinion, he's not only the best gaming channel, but also the best channel of all time.

A Channel that deserves to be recognized way more than it is.
Definitely underrated.

245 CoryxKenshin

He is an awesome YouTuber who doesn't swear and is hilarious. He really tries his best to connect with his fans despite there being more than 100,000 people who watch him. Chances are, if you try to comment a lot, he'll respond to you at least once. He did for me.

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246 Cryaotic

He makes my day

This guy is such a blessing. He spoiled me. I can't watch anyone else playthrough anymore

I love all about him. His playthroughs are amazing, even better because of his voice.

His commentary and reactions are always funny
His voice is deep, quiet, and soothing
He is very smart when it comes to gameplays and puzzles
He either makes a game trendy, or skips the trendy games to find something new and undiscovered
He's a really great guy

247 TheGamingBeaver

LOL he is so funny because of his edits and jokes ad laughs and check out his funny montage videos so funnyXD

He is so funny like when he did the JUST DO IT for the indominos Rex.he also is very funny.also he always freezes the Dino's in Jurassic to make it funny with also songs like for unicorn wizard.and also in primal carnage that's my favorite. I love him I wish he was my cousin


248 Terroriser

He is very funny with his arnold impression and just makes my day

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249 Pink Sheep

No pink sheep is bad he is rude he thinks he's better than anyone

He is really funny, and awesome

He is funny and mlg!

250 Haedox V 1 Comment
251 QJB
252 HarshlyCritical‎

Really enjoy his videos! Very entertaining!

He's a very chill, and real person, and doesn't fake his reactions. He's also really funny and brutally honest. My favorite YouTuber.

Really down to earth guy, creates brilliant gameplays and plays a majority of scary/indie games and doesn't overly scream or the likes compared to most people. Puts out material as often as he can, providing quality as well as uploading reguraly.

Been watching his videos for over 4 years and it's safe to say that he must ve doing something right. No fake reactions, hilarious gameplays of both great and awful games and simply a very nice and chill person!

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253 ModernWarNegro V 1 Comment
254 Jerma985
255 Ohmwrecker

He should be in top 10

This man is beast.

His good gamer

Ohmwrecker is a awesome youtuber that deserves to be in the top ten.

256 XpertThief

Good commentary, and is pretty laid back.

Cool dude! Check out his channel!

SHOULD BE #1! SEKC army for life!

257 Zerkaaplays
258 W2S V 3 Comments
259 MoreAliA V 1 Comment
260 Lazarbeam

I love how he always does good at his games and he is funny

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