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281 Cinemasscre

One of the first YouTube Gamers, and probably one of the most important YouTubers in the gaming sector. Without him, YouTube gaming channels wouldn't be as popular as they are now.

That's right. AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd) has to be one of the top of this list. Gosh didn't know he was this underrated.

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282 RaedwulfGamer

Definitely deserves to be in the top 10. His commentary is cheesy and lovable, and he is uploading great content daily! Have been watching him for years and he deserves some more attention.

Wow! raed should at least be in top 10 he is so funny and he is himself when he plays.
i know his not the top 5 best gamers but 346 is pushing it

283 GamingWithKev V 1 Comment
284 Mystic7

He awesome who doesn't like him seriously

285 GAMINGwithMOLT V 1 Comment
286 ConflictNerd
287 TheMarkOfJ
288 TheSandyRavage V 1 Comment
289 OpTicNation
290 ThatGuyWhoCamps
291 xJawz

XJawz is a awesome names that guys good

292 4PlayerPodcast

4PlayerPodcast should be at least number 2! Brad is so hilarious and Nobunaga is beast! Do A Barrel Roll!

Best gaming podcast hands down puts its funny Clips on YouTube

293 sexysexysniper
294 Khushal64n6
295 Talesoflumin

Awesome guy, only has 15k subs but deserves way more :D

296 PsiSyndicate

Great gamer for skill and entertainment

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297 ThunderLalaGaming

Just started out BUT haider is hilarious, as well as nice and a good gamer!

2 lets players HaideR and HaideR, the other haider is yet to post I think but the one I watched HaideR playing Coma and he is HILLARIOUS. Even though they are a tiny tiny tiny tiny channel that has just started out, they are rapidly growing. Still laugh out loud they shouldn't be on here there a people WAY bigger but HaideR is really funny!

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298 Gameplay Worldwide
299 therpgminx

She deserves so many more followers. She's amazing and I love her videos.

300 KinyuuriGames

Really good funny videos, may only have a small subscriber count but is likely to do well! Hopefully he will gain more subscribers and views so he can really do well!

Love this guy, makes some really funny videos! And his video production's not half bad either!

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