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301 FinbarHawkes
302 RageGamingVideos
303 xcalizorz
304 Massive Gaming

He has shown mastery of his shooter skills with an admirable voice similar to a Markiplier/Duke Nukem type. His Star Wars let's plays are very entertaining and have a good amount of length to be entertained

MASSIVE is awesome! He swears a lot more then I would like but he still has awesome videos.

He has awesome comentary the best Duke Nucham voice I have ever heard he is hilarious and very interactive with the veiwers

305 TheMrSark

Great You-Tuber who resorts to actual humor instead of screaming at the camera. Deserves more subscribers. Best You-Tuber in my books.

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306 Lonniedos

It's really funny and I recommend it to anyone who hates PewDiPie

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307 Quill18

Epic strategy YouTuber who deserves to be in the top 20 at least.

This guy is genius. Amazing 4x youtuber

308 Jingles

Started to watch him with World of Tanks, but later other games were discussed too. He gives a lot of background information, not only in the regular video's, but also in his weekly video "Mingles with Jingles".

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309 2J Games
310 Nigahiga

510? He deserves to be in the top 5!

Very funny YouTuber that has actually done some gaming videos. He's mostly skit so it's reasonable that he'd be this low on the list.

Awesome guy that like to make Let's play and vlog videos.

HE IS THE FUNNIEST AND BEST YouTubeR EVER! He deserves at least to be in top 5!

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311 Ar12Gaming V 2 Comments
312 StacyPlays

The Only Family Friendly Youtube Gamer That I Know Of

The only gamer I know that doesn't swear. Lol.

I love stacy why is she in the 400s stacy if you see this I love you in dog sled saga boom chicken is so funny.
In dog craft I am try to biuld your world.
I love the cube I like when you tried to get all the horse and did.
Stacy I'm so sorry that you are in the 400s.

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313 GamingAwesome


His previous channel "TryHardNinja" is where I came across his first couple of let's plays and he's thoroughly entertaining to watch. He made his TryHardNinja channel a music channel and uses his GamingAwesome handle to continue his gaming playthroughs.

I like that even when he gets interrupted in a train of thought he doesn't lose it so you don't get frustrated in whether or not he was going to say something funny. The substance of some of his jokes leave me laughing for days. Definitely the definition of UNDERRATED. Check him out!

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314 8-bit Gaming
315 ExplodingTNT V 1 Comment
316 Herobrineskull
317 Samgladiator

He is the best doing Minecraft roleplays especially Yandere High.

He makes the best Minecraft role plays with Grian and Taurtis.

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318 elrubiusomg
319 Poiised

Plays tons of horror games and has, hands down, the most hilarious freak-out scream out of any other YT gamer I've seen. - Mcgillacuddy

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320 Draegast

Great YouTuber, plays mostly sandbox games but has fun while playing them. Makes sure to include his viewers in every video. Does a lot of "Best creation" vidoes on games like Scrap mechanic and Beseige

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