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341 Damo2986
342 IrateGamer

Come on, guys... This is 2015! You're acting like the guy should been arrested for putting out content on YouTube! Yeah, at first his videos isn't redeemable and been mocked numerous of times for that, but at least he's not a child molester or a murderer (which you're treating him as, by the way! )

Let just move on and let it go!

I know he might be deleted but I am a big fan of chris bores AKA the irate gamer. He is underrated and cast aside and labled ripoff of the AVGN. When he did though he said he was sorry and won't do it again. But now he is just a guy targeted by trolls and people talk about him like he's a piece of rubbish. And I think he needs a lot more subs. So my wish is for him to get recognised for what he is. A very funny guy who puts a lot of work into his videos. So please, give him a chance to redeem himself.

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343 Shendijiro

Awesome girl gamer, she does the legend of zelda, pokemon and some other let's play!

344 Marriland

I remember when Marriland started his first few videos on YouTube. It's the first gaming channel I've ever followed. - TomPhanto

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345 AbdallahSmash026

An active Nintendo gamer with a weekend online meetup with 3DS gamers. Has a good fan base, and connects with his audience every day.

346 Bodil40

How isn't this guy already on here? Sure he only does minecraft videos but he is the king of trolling and has an amazing laugh!

Bodil's laugh should earn him extra points. - TCMMKLA

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347 InecomCompany

A funny guy who treats video games like video games, as something that is fun and entertaining.

Probably one of the best video game reviewers on Youtube. Hilarious guy to watch.

348 Sp00n

He always makes nova and the other creatures fun.

349 XerainGaming
350 Jake Occhipinti
351 TheAuZZieGamer‎

He Retired But He is THE BEST ever! Watch his videos! Awesome! Funnier than pewds (true story)

Seriously, this guy is really funny and his voices provid hilarity in nearly every video. He does some excellent playthroughs and walkthroughs, his most popular being his Hitman Blood Money walkthroughs. His editing is spot on too, despite his lack of content being released over time AuZZiegamer is a must watch!

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352 1gangsterman

1gangsterman is just getting started, he hopes to be number 1 someday. I put him on the list because he is cool.

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353 IC0NB0Y

He has to be number one

354 DanQ8000

DanQ8000 is probably my favorite gamer on YouTube. He is hilarious, awesome, and not to mention extremely good at any game he plays. He definitely deserves to be in the top 10!

355 Lucahjin
356 Egoraptor Egoraptor

He makes awesome cartoons

He's funny at cartoons

357 StephenPlays V 2 Comments
358 Yogscastlalna
359 YogscastSjin

A humble kinda, crazy-like, calm part of the Yogscast. You gotta love that mustache!

360 Imav3riq

He brightens my day, consistently uploads videos, does live streams every night, does not curse plays a variety of games does not curse and has an amazing sense of humor

Awesome gamer and does not curse a bit

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