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361 janggo0410

He is Indonesian Horror Gaming

362 Super Gaming Bros.
363 nAsTeGaming

These guys are awesome! Great videos

364 BereghostGames

He's my favorite YouTuber! He may not be very famous but he is the best in my eyes!

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365 LaurenzSide

Wish Lauren would get a bit more attention. Love her videos and I like that she tries to explain her reactions a little bit during horror games that actually scare her. She's entertaining to watch for sure and will definitely get a good chuckle out of you at the very least!

This girl is underrated but is extremely funny. enough' said

She's a really funny YouTuber who mainly plays horror games, but she is still awesome! Her reactions are hilarious.

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366 Node
367 HappyConsoleGamer

A cheerful way to look at gaming and the lives of two 40-year-old gamers. Just as the channel's name implies. - Maplestrip

368 HikakinGames
369 Jev

Probably the realist gamer out there!

His raging videos are the best and so funny. His gameplays are very addictive to watch, and he also confesses how his life was in the past in some gameplay videos.

370 Centerstrain01
371 SethBling

Sethbling is calm, smart and not selfish. He makes stuff other people can't do. He doesn't beg for subscribers, likes and doesn't have stupid music. He doesn't post many videos, but they got quality. If you like Minecraft, you like Sethbling, this guy knows everything.

While other gaming channels are gamer-tainment and competing for class clown, Seth is the MacGuyver of gaming channels. His videos revolve around abusing the mechanics of games (mostly Minecraft), and usually start off with "Hi, Seth Bling here, today I'm going to (do something totally outlandish just for the sake of it)." He has a style and personality all his own. He can come off a bit blaise at start, but if you follow him you'll notice there's a subtle wit about him. The stuff he abuses in game mechanics is funny and creative as he pushes things to the limit.

372 SmallishBeans V 2 Comments
373 Heyimbee
374 Youalwayswin V 1 Comment
375 Super Best Friends Play

Seriously entertaining and understand a lot about the gaming industry. Enjoy all of their content, podcast, YouTube and everything on their home site.

376 Fanboypotion
377 Pbggameplay V 1 Comment
378 MM7Games V 2 Comments
379 dashgames V 1 Comment
380 TraskNari

One of the best lpers by far. Very enthusiastic and hilarious. His rage is the best. Watch his playthrough for The Impossible Quiz. Pancakes! - TheParasiter

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