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361 Jake Occhipinti
362 TheAuZZieGamer‎

He Retired But He is THE BEST ever! Watch his videos! Awesome! Funnier than pewds (true story)

Seriously, this guy is really funny and his voices provid hilarity in nearly every video. He does some excellent playthroughs and walkthroughs, his most popular being his Hitman Blood Money walkthroughs. His editing is spot on too, despite his lack of content being released over time AuZZiegamer is a must watch!

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363 1gangsterman

1gangsterman is just getting started, he hopes to be number 1 someday. I put him on the list because he is cool.

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364 IC0NB0Y

He has to be number one

365 DanQ8000

DanQ8000 is probably my favorite gamer on YouTube. He is hilarious, awesome, and not to mention extremely good at any game he plays. He definitely deserves to be in the top 10!

366 Lucahjin
367 Egoraptor Egoraptor

He makes awesome cartoons

He's funny at cartoons

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369 Yogscastlalna
370 YogscastSjin

A humble kinda, crazy-like, calm part of the Yogscast. You gotta love that mustache!

371 Imav3riq

He brightens my day, consistently uploads videos, does live streams every night, does not curse plays a variety of games does not curse and has an amazing sense of humor

Awesome gamer and does not curse a bit

372 janggo0410

He is Indonesian Horror Gaming

373 Super Gaming Bros.
374 nAsTeGaming

These guys are awesome! Great videos

375 BereghostGames

He's my favorite YouTuber! He may not be very famous but he is the best in my eyes!

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376 Node
377 HappyConsoleGamer

A cheerful way to look at gaming and the lives of two 40-year-old gamers. Just as the channel's name implies. - Maplestrip

378 HikakinGames
379 Jev

Probably the realist gamer out there!

His raging videos are the best and so funny. His gameplays are very addictive to watch, and he also confesses how his life was in the past in some gameplay videos.

380 Centerstrain01
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