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21 PeanutButterGamer

Peanutbuttergamer is absolutely hilarious. He's one of my favorite YouTube channels and I love his top ten lists and game reviews.

I love peanut butter gamer! His videos are hilarious, especially derp Sims agents. I have seen most of his videos and all of them are funny

I went over to my friends house and we started watching YouTube for a little bit because it was rainy and we were bored. He decided he would show me something he liked and I was like, OH NO! This isn't going to be that funny. When I left, I made a YouTube account just so that I could subscribe. Sure I liked other people but NO ONE was funny enough to make a YouTube account for. He is the definition of HILARIOUS.

I like him.

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22 xXSlyFoxHoundXx

He is the best and communicates with his audience a lot.

His Golden Giggle makes his videos better =3

He is fun to watch, and plays more than Minecraft.

Most hillarious laugh I've ever heard.I like when he is making videos with the Sexy Gentlemen too.

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23 theRadBrad

TheRadBrad is the only gamer I will watch unless there is a specific game that he has not posted. He's by far my favourite gamer on YouTube and definitely the most underrated compared to more popular channels.

He has consistently hilarious commentary yet is not annoying to listen to during videos, he also knows when to act serious and when to be quiet (not screaming silly noises over cut scenes or important parts of the game etc). He also has good taste in games, whenever I see a new game I haven't come across on his channel I know its going to be good and that I should go and buy it, he also tries his hardest to make videos that the viewers want to see, whilst being very down to earth. It's clear he is very appreciative of every viewer and subscriber he gets.

He definitely deserves to be at a higher rank on this list.

Introduced me to a bunch of new games which were fun to watch. I watch him for both the gameplay and the commentary, especially the commentary. I think he deserves a lot more appreciation than the 543,110 subscribers he has as of 12/18/12. TheRadBrad is one of the best gaming channels out there.

Probably one of the best gamers on youtube.
He is a hilarious dude and very laid back, he is funny but doesn't talk too much because he doesn't talk non stop or on cut scenes.
And yea he mainly tries horror games like the walking dead, dead space 2, etc etc

Brad is reaaally funny. He is the first gamer I saw on YouTube.Though I didn't notice that I was watching the same channel for most if not all of the videos.Funny thing is noticed him with his commentary. Like umm.. Bad ass, Gotcha bitch etc. I will watch his channel till I open my own haha

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24 DashieGames DashieGames

Dashie should be way higher than the 44th spot. Don't take my comment for proof. Go and watch his channel. He also has two other channels full of hilarious content. He's his own person. Not concerned with what others are doing in their gaming videos and also tries to steer away from what they are doing because he doesn't want to be one of those guys. But as I said... Just go to his channel and you'll see that he deserves a higher ranking.

DashieGames is not the best gamer around, but his humor in his gaming videos are funny and enjoyable compared to Pewdiepie's annoying way of yelling and screaming.

This is a guy that definitely deserves more attention. His high energy, loud voice, and constant dirty mouth will keep your eyes glued to the screen and your stomach hurting from laughter.

Funniest man on YouTube

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25 Yamimash

One of the best youtube gamers out there. Who doesn't love the mash? This guy is extremely entertaining and he is even british! What more can you ask for? I started watching his minecraft videos a year ago and now I am extremely addicted to the horror games he plays. When you say this guy is "underrated", I believe you are right. This man deserves more subs than he already has..
Come to the MASH!

Definitely, he is so underrated.

Woo, probably the funniest gamer out there, maybe not the most skilled though

He was good until scott ' cawthon made FNAF for fans to crank out terrible fan games for Yami to play

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26 AngryJoeShow

I've been watching him since before he had 10, 000 subscribers and he has never been corrupted. He is just an honest reviewer.

A gamer which puts his heart and anger into his videos. His rants and reviews are well put, and his humour is well placed, with a good reference to a game or two, I recommend eatching his long videos, as they go through a great amount of depth on the game that he is reviewing!

How is Joe so low? He's honest, loyal to his fanbase, and fights for his right to review! ALL HAIL THE ANGRY ARMY!

The Best in my opinion!

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27 H2ODelirious

Delirious is just hilarious. He's like the child of Vanoss's crew. He also has probably one of the most unique and hilarious laughs and screams I've ever heard come out of a person's mouth, which is one of the main reasons why everyone loves him. He also does a lot of constant trash-talking, which is contagious but hilarious. - Mcgillacuddy

H2O Delirious is in my opinion one of the best. I love all the people he plays with too. Never a dull moment. His laugh is by far the most contagious laugh I have ever heard, always has me grinning widely. And I love the fact that I've never seen him annoyed on any of his videos or videos that he is in. He is overall just a happy guy and never fails to just laugh at anything and everything.

Delirious is like a little kid, which surprisingly makes good for gaming videos. He has probably one of the most unique voices and most obnoxious/hilarious laugh and scream I've ever heard.

I voted by accident, so as long as I'm here, I'll write something.
He sounds like a weak mangled version of Adam Sandler...or better yet, the YouTube gamer version of Adam Sandler. The levels go like this, movie star > music star > T.V. star > radio star > podcaster > circus clown > local birthday party clown > youtube gamer.

His other buddy sounds like Jack Black if all else failed.

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28 SmoshGames

Awesome they pretty much play everything used to be clever games funny watching Ian and Anthony fail at games

Why is Smosh Games so low on this list? Shows like Game Bang, Gametime With Smosh, Backseat Gaming, and others are HILARIOUS! It's even got Ian and Anthony failing miserably at games along with 4 other people. Smosh Games needs to be in the top 15 somewhere without a doubt!

Smosh Games should be at the top. They have quality editing and sound in their videos and a majority of them are hilarious. Not to mention they actually get along pretty well with each other.

I used to love Smosh Games... till Ian and Anthony left.

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29 JeromeASF

He never gets boring

How is he n 34 he should be n1 for 4 reasons : 1-he is extremely funny and energetic 2- he does a lot of videos 3- he has tons of friends and projets 4- he's a bacca

I have watched jerome for 5 years now he never gets old

He is my idol

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30 FRANKIEonPCin1080p

Frankie is one of those extremely professional gamers I've ever seen. I am very impressed. Nobody could beat him. In fact, he makes those tough games look so easy and he never loses a round! Not to forget his sense of humour, he is very entertaining! I recommend everybody to watch him.

He is the man you watch laying on your couch or bed, eating some popcorn, because damn he is awesome! His episodes are pretty long, sometimes like an hour, but he uploads them maybe once a week. I'm always looking forward to his videos, it's just awesome how he can turn a regular dayz gameplay to a movie. he's a hardcore gamer, very very skilled, invincible! If you are looking for a YouTuber that will keep you entertained friday night in your comfortable bed with an ipad in your hands knowing you don't have to wake up the day after and just want to spend some nighttime watching something (that's what I do at least), Frankie is for you!

Frankie is one the greatest YouTubers in my opinion. He will make ordinary gameplay seem like a movie. But a big part of his channel is that it is a hobby and not his profession, which is just another reason why I love him. He may not post as often as other, but you will always know that your getting the best quality gameplay possible.


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31 Smoove7182954

Amazing personality. He's built his brand as an NBA2K player, and has developed several catchphrases from that. He transfers those catchphrases to his other games, and it's an inside joke with all of his viewers. The man is hilarious, and he produces a TON of content.

Chris Smoove is AMAZING. Autotune to inspirational speeches he has it all! He does NBA 2K and Call of Duty. He also does exclusive games like The Last of Us and Assassins Creed I. You should go check him out!

Amazing edits with voice and great content that could be number 1. In my opinion this guy deserves more than what he already has

The best sports game based YouTube channel

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32 TheBajanCanadian

I don't know why no one added him! He should by FAR be top 50 AT LEAST! One of the funniest gamers I've seen! Him and JeromeASF make one of the best teams.

Back in the days of late mw2 and early bo1; asf was by far my most watched channel on YouTube. Even though he's strayed off to minecraft, I still like watching him from time to time.

Benja Canada. So many phrases he makes up in his videos just brighten up my day and I'm pretty sure him and jerome are worth watching

Best UTuber

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33 ScrewAttack!

It's like Machinima, but 23 times better!

It's always time for a DEATH BATTLE - winfreyb

The original YouTube business, their top tens, death battle, and much more make them timeless

They should be number 4 - CaptainChipmunk

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34 pwnageshow

I love these guy's videos, every time I watch them I almost pee my pants because of laughing too much! Subscribe to them! Both Damian and Kyle are HILARIOUS people!

I think they should have their own movie just like smosh the movie

Pwnageshow is so funny I can't see why people under estimate them

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35 Markiplier

Best gamer ever he is the best back me up he is best gamer

One of the best and most popular gamers! - TheParasiter

Are they kidding? Should be in the top5.

Love you bb

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36 TheGamingLemon

SO hilarious should be in the top ten Grand Theft Auto mods are AMAZING

BEST YOUTUBER EVER. Well funniest one. He makes a lot of funny stuf. His funniest by far are his grand theft auto reviews for mods. Just Perfect Go buy a copy of him Right now,

Definitely one of the funniest people on YouTube. His accent, his personality, his editing... Everything is hilarious! :D

He's hilarious I hope to meet him one day

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37 NintendoCapriSun

Listening to NCS takes me back to that special place in the '80s I enjoyed as a kid.

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38 Achievement Hunter

Same people that are in RoosterTeeth, this should've number 4 - KrazzyMadd

Thank god they exist is all I have to say

Fantastic and hilarious content

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39 Lui Calibre

Lui is an amazing person, plus his child voice he does in Squeaker Squad is amazing

Squeaker squad all the way

He so cool should be #2 because no offense TheGamingLemon should be #1

It is funny when talking kids voice

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40 TheRunawayGuys

These guys are the best when it comes to collaborations simply the best.

Chuggaconroy. PLUS ProtonJon. PLUS NintendoCaprisun ALL in 1 channel PLUS guest stars for certain games, what's not to like?

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