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401 CraftBattleDuty

I love him! He is funny, inspirational, kind and also cool!

He has amazing content and personality

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402 HazardousYT
403 Yippee Ki Yay Mr. Falcon

I love the fact that he is so sincere and natural in his conversations with us while he is playing! He may not be the best player, and even make some mistakes sometimes, but it is certainly very entertaining to watch! Go go go, Falcon!

404 Thedragonhat
405 CaptainNintendoDude
406 ZeRo
407 hikeplays

I'm a big fan of yours I'm voting for you!

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408 Razing717
409 AshGaming

I think he is funny and brings joy to people - AshGaming

410 Sqaishey Quack
411 Nathaniel Bandy

I love NB! His videos are really funny and good for people who like Nintendo (Me)

412 SuperMega

Matt and Ryan are Hilarious, currently housemates of Markiplier.

413 Afk UK Gaming V 2 Comments
414 Vet Ranch V 1 Comment
415 Scorp10 Gaming

This guy has like, 100 videos and they're all really cool. I reccomend him. - Antwon

416 SplatterCatGaming

Very awesome indie games let's player.

417 Rezza Dude
418 Brutalmoose Brutalmoose

Please make him higher, him and PBG are very underrated

419 NoahJ456
420 Slimecicle

Incredibly underrated among the YouTube community. This man is the hidden gem of YouTube.

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