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461 Trogz64
462 Red Falcon Games
463 Mariocatgaming
464 DarkCloudGames

A Good Mine craft gamer, doesn't cuss, and is funny and enjoyable!

465 AdamzoneTopMarks
466 SilentMystification

He is extremely entertaining, he creates an environment for all gaming youtubers to come together. His fanbase is bigger than some of the people on here. He is ChItalian. What is not to like?

467 AnvilStermon64
468 230Gamer

230Gamer is a video game analyst dedicated to making informative and concise videos about video games. Every video he makes is 2 minutes and 30 seconds!

469 simplytree

He is awesome. I have never seen anyone more swagalicous then him.
One day I want to meet him and kiss him all over the face.

470 Grandgoomba25
471 Venom Extreme
472 RandonsPlays
473 Duckuality
474 AA9skillz

Best FIFA Gamer around!

475 Troutimus

Funny youtuber that not too many know about!

He plays lots of minecraft, and like to play with subscribers!

476 Cobanermani456

He is a legend, with some really funny moments. He should be WAY higher because of that Pikmin 3 moment.

He is the funniest guy ever. He is a huge Sonic fan as well as Mario, Pikmin, most things nintendo, too.

Who else deserves the number one spot more than this guy

First YouTuber I enjoyed watching!

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477 Miles923

Max's channel is amazing to watch because of his passion for fighting games, and because of his want to share that passion with others. He breaks down complicated stuff to help beginners, and offers tips and tricks for pros. Simply one of the best channels out there.

478 MrHurriicane
479 HuskyMudkipz V 2 Comments
480 KermitPlaysMC
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