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481 ZutaraRaven
482 ScytherDoesGames
483 FnD Games

I love these guys they screw everything they do up 870 thumbs up

484 davidr64yt

He puts the most effort into his editing that I have ever seen in Let's Plays. He was one of the Youtubers who started the Minecraft video craze (along with Paulsoresjr). He is charismatic, thoughtful, and funny.

485 Inhandable
486 LevelCapGamingā€Ž

A very good player but a little passionate with games I believe that the only problem with him is that he underrated the ps3 players why. I am a ps3 player And I can play better than you have you ever try the ps3 the only problem is that it can't support 64 players I believe that it's not a problem at all

487 Kurtjmac

Just a great guy raising money for Child's Play Charity walking to the Farlands in Minecraft +loads of other content.

488 Bestintheworld225
489 Daddyhughes111
490 The Autarch

He is so funny! I have been subscribed to him for as long as I remember, and he has great points and opinions.

491 Rendog

He does a "Let's Play Minecraft" series a "Lets Play Minecraft: Feed the Beast", a "Hexxit" series, a Terria, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Disshonored, Metro Last Light and now a lets play "Outlast" series all while telling stories that are sweet about his life like for top ten and go check it out, he even has a website

492 Vintagebeef V 1 Comment
493 Rickychavez
494 BlueCakeAlex

A nice new gaming channel. Now in 2013 Nov 30 he is playing: Minecraft (incl. Feed The Beast), Assassin's Creed Black Flag, Alliance of Valiant Arms. You should take a look!

495 Gojifan1993
496 jltv
497 NickTheMCPlayer

A good minecraft player

498 Rechyyy (clayman90)
499 ADHD Gamer
500 WolfyPackGames

One of my favorite Youtubers yet they have next to no subs which is a big shame

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