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521 TheGamingTerroriser
522 Stonemoutain64

This guy isn't my favorite but he is a great gamer and jacks around with everyone he plays with (i mean on the mic in a lobby or in game). He can make a joke out of almost like anything and keep the straightest face.

The best on youtube in my opinion, this is one to watch

523 SpiffySquee
524 andyxrgaming

A small but great entertaining YouTuber you should definitely check his channel out

525 Supsmal23
526 Cheerful Ghost Roundtable

Entertaining roundtable discussion of games. Indie to AAA, console news to alpha releases, these guys cover everything.

527 BYZE

Both hilarious and entertaining, and don't forget he's British!

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528 Hardyt3kyoyo
529 EveryFunVideos

Hey Guys my channel is great have some cover, games, talent, dancing my music channel and gaming channel thanks

530 PeteZahHutt

This guy is great. This man deserves more attention. Pete, if you're reading this, you're the best. Also say hi sfbenish at the start of a video. Today is my birthday.

531 Wiz Of Time

He is just getting started but he is funny as hell (Makes Minecraft videos)

532 FungoReview
533 Batman Arkham Videos V 1 Comment
534 EpicGamingProductions

These guys are so cool and so diverse.

535 Oohh_killem
536 OneCheesyMofo

Hilarious at times, great content, and enjoyable gameplay. He makes me happy on a bad day and just overall a great channel.

537 HaatFilms

How is Hat Films not significantly higher? They are a hilarious trio who just mess around and have fun while releasing good quality content.

538 JMachine

3 Videos Daily, Gaming Walkthrough, News, And Trailers Very Active And Also Chats To His Subscribers

539 Pat The NES Punk Pat The NES Punk
540 GoldGlove
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