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521 MGH

Yep awesome but low quality

522 Mister Adit
523 yogscast2
524 WatchMojo WatchMojo
525 PikslapGames
526 SuperNormalful
527 HoofBeatGaming V 1 Comment
528 PTPvideogaming
529 X7 Albert
530 TheGamingTerroriser
531 Stonemoutain64

This guy isn't my favorite but he is a great gamer and jacks around with everyone he plays with (i mean on the mic in a lobby or in game). He can make a joke out of almost like anything and keep the straightest face.

The best on youtube in my opinion, this is one to watch

532 SpiffySquee
533 andyxrgaming

A small but great entertaining YouTuber you should definitely check his channel out

534 Supsmal23
535 Cheerful Ghost Roundtable

Entertaining roundtable discussion of games. Indie to AAA, console news to alpha releases, these guys cover everything.

536 SSundee

I absolutely love his videos and he was one of the best YouTubers I've ever seen. Should be #1 on the list. I've watched so much and he's one of the best I've seen in my entire life. Never saw someone quite like this.

He is the funniest YouTuber/gamer ever! He tries to make all of his videos fun to watch and he doesn't mind if he embarrasses himself. Another thing I like about him is that he doesn't use inappropriate language. He should at least be at top 15. Oh, and one more thing, you should go watch him right now.

SSundee should be way higher he as like 8 mil subs


V 17 Comments
537 BYZE

Both hilarious and entertaining, and don't forget he's British!

V 2 Comments
538 Hardyt3kyoyo
539 EveryFunVideos

Hey Guys my channel is great have some cover, games, talent, dancing my music channel and gaming channel thanks

540 PeteZahHutt

This guy is great. This man deserves more attention. Pete, if you're reading this, you're the best. Also say hi sfbenish at the start of a video. Today is my birthday.

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