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561 TheTrueIronGamer

Irish dude who shuts up during cutscenes, explores, is very friendly and relaxing and occasionally funny. Only negative is the sporadic nature of his updates and many unfinished games.

562 Errant Signal

A great YouTube channel that puts a different light on game design and mechanics. - Maplestrip

563 Really Freakin' Clever

Focuses on a single aspect of a game's design and applauds it. Really nice style. Great voice - Maplestrip

564 JesusAVGN
565 Boom-Tastic Gamer V 1 Comment
566 PurpleRodri
567 Killer Prad

He makes very super hd 1080p videos of halo, Grand Theft Auto and much more games. Best channel coming up.

568 Dan Chappy
569 BlackBusterCritic

He's Funny, Factual, The Best - TriforceLegend64

570 Shokio

He's Very Entitled, Funny, And get's alone with people well. - TriforceLegend64

571 Coolsy77

Upcoming and fairly talented. Definitely worth the watch! Give him a shot, he knows what he's talking about and plays a lot of games!

572 dashiexp V 1 Comment
573 Kwingsletsplays

These guys have a nice channel they are kid friendly and they are a husband wife duo also look for knighting01 it's their other channel where Luke does batman lore he is probably the only guy on earth who knows so much about batman

574 Life as a Creeper

A modded survival by TheWaffleGalaxy. Yes he is a creeper in it. Stupid humans trying to kill him! - THEGreatLordOfAll

575 Chrisandthemike

Has a good story of how he started,

Humor is 10/10

Very mild language (good for kids)

He and carflo are the best.

576 Coolsye

Doesn't have many subs yet, but is good for what he's got!

577 GameSocietyPimps

Absolute comic genius the most underrated channel on YouTube, deserve way more subscribers than they have. Just watch their skyrim for pimps series and you'll see what I mean.

By far the funniest YouTubers. They can make any video game hilarious. They somehow made a vacuum simulator game hilarious. GameSocietyPimps is probably the most underrated channel on YouTube. They also connect with their fans and respond constantly to them in the comments.
When the play their series games, instead of playing with commentary about the game, they play as the actual character in the game talking how that character would. Their Skyrim for Pimps series, Fallout for Pimps series (3 and New Vegas), and 7 Days to Die series are all pure comedy gold.
They also spend so much effort on thinking ahead to other seasons of their series games, such as their Skyrim for Pimps videos. They connect every charcater they play and every season they've played and had it all planned since season One.
GameSocietyPimps is the most underrated and the most hilarious channel on YouTube. Top Ten for sure.

Skyrim for pimps... 10/10

578 Minnesotaburns

Absolutely hilarious should be in top 10

579 SpeirsTheAmazingHD
580 ShadowBeatz
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