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561 GuudeBoulderfist
562 Tales from the grid
563 GaLm
564 Caiyth

She likes to play horror games amongst other games and has a super cute dog!

565 Xelferstine
566 RiskRim

Many of you may not know him yet, but he's a gamer who plays horror games and are pretty awesome, you guys shoukd check him out!

He is my first you tuber who I subscribed to. He is such a good youtuer! I love how he plays the horror games and how he reactsreacts.He is pretty funny and hilarious.He is the best according to me.

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567 danTDM

DanTDM is really nice, and I watch his videos every day since I was 6.

Why is he so far down? His videos are awesome!

Umm... The Diamond Minecart is higher on the list... I'm so confused. Either way Dan is awesome and should be WAY higher on the list.

This guy should be on the top 5. He has 15,000,000 subs and his video's are amazing. Down with pewdipie! (and jackscepticeye)

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568 BigMacDavis
569 BigMacDavis
570 Game Therapy
571 Cryotic V 1 Comment
572 Danny2462
573 TheTrueIronGamer

Irish dude who shuts up during cutscenes, explores, is very friendly and relaxing and occasionally funny. Only negative is the sporadic nature of his updates and many unfinished games.

574 Errant Signal

A great YouTube channel that puts a different light on game design and mechanics. - Maplestrip

575 Really Freakin' Clever

Focuses on a single aspect of a game's design and applauds it. Really nice style. Great voice - Maplestrip

576 JesusAVGN
577 Boom-Tastic Gamer V 1 Comment
578 PurpleRodri
579 Killer Prad

He makes very super hd 1080p videos of halo, Grand Theft Auto and much more games. Best channel coming up.

580 Dan Chappy
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