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41 ImmortalHDFilms

Awesome! It's no surprise he got in with the creatures.

ImmortalHD is my favourite youtuber! He is so funny and he is good looking... Anyway, BUY HIS SHIRTS!

I like him. He does a LOT of CSGO, but it is very well done and funny. He does not do many other games, but if you like CSGO then he is the gamer for you.

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42 Daithi De Nogla

Your funny like hall meet hope you don't poo your panes

Daithi De Nogla is one of the funniest and most enjoyable members of the Vanoss crew to watch. His sudden outbursts, rages, dirty remarks, and jokes mixed with his rather unique Irish accent all sound downright hilarious.

I respect his love for potatoes.

He is funny big time

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43 KSIOlajidebt

I expected him in top 10.

He brings laughter to the most simple things in life. His first channel is all about FIFA related stuff (to die for), and his 2nd is any game you can think of. Must watch if you wanna "GET HYPER" :-)

Ksi should definitely be higher up this list he has 5 million subscribers plus he's the best FIFA gamer on YouTube also his second channel has everything from Grand Theft Auto V to slenderman, this man is a YouTube gaming legend!

Seriously? He’s one of the best. Top twenty at least!

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44 The Game Theorists The Game Theorists The Game Theorists is a YouTube channel that centers around gaming. They have shows such as: Game Theory, The Science of, Sidequesting and Digressing, Crossover, Game Change, Culture Shock and a Brief History. This channel is mainly attacked for their game theory content.

The only reason this is at 65 is because of haters. MatPat puts an insane amount of time and thought into every theory. The haters have been there from the start, saying things like, " His theories can easily be disproved " or " You can tell his channel is directed towards kids, because only kids would believe this crap". To that I say, screw you haters. He's an insanely smart guy, and it shows in his theories.

I know his theories are all far-fetched and he overlooks games a bit too much but unlike other similar channels, he actually provides solid evidence. He can blow your mind sometimes. Despite the hate the crossover series gets, I love. Same as GaijinGoombah. Ronnie's boss too

They deserve to be much higher I swear they belong in top 5 at least

Their theories are amazing

If you look at them without your rose colored glasses, you will find that most of his theories are wrong and horribly lack reason or research. - Lmrpirate

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45 TotalBiscuit

The only guy who gives the most in-depth game reviews. And probably the best game critic in YouTube.

One of the best.

Just to be clear on this, TotalBiscuit is also known as TotalHalibut on this list for those of you who don't know - iRocketGamer52

46 penguinz0

How is PewDiePie above Cr1TiKaL? Anyways Cr1TiKaL (Penguinz0) Is the funniest person on Youtube. All his Youtube earnings go to charity. He cannot get scared. In slender every Youtuber hides and screams while Cr1TiKaL says "Target Slender Man has been spotted. I am attempting to flank, this forest is closed, Ass****! "

His subjective, dry humor can keep you laughing.

I'm sorry, but if you don't find his deep, monotone voice and incredibly creative word choices to be hilarious, you have no soul... - rallyfan98


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47 machinimarespawn

Has a lot more content that appeals to me, such as their many Top 10 series and more. Don't get me wrong, machining and IGN are great, but most of their releases are trailers/current gaming news (which isn't bad, but it gets old).

48 TotalHalibut

One of if not the most professional YouTubers. His videos are high in quality, as in content, he doesn't scream like a child to be funny, unlike some other YouTubers. All in all a smart, charismatic, witty and most importantly honest YouTuber.

Most honest critiques of games and content I have seen, wonderful personality and great shows to keep you entertained. A step above the rest!

I honestly through he was, and should be, in the top 10's for sure. His game reviews and gaming news is simply the best, no question. All of his videos show that he has researched the games to the limit.

Biscuit for prime minister!

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49 Angry Video Game Nerd Angry Video Game Nerd James Duncan Rolfe is an American actor, comedian, filmmaker, film and video game critic, and internet personality, best known for starring in the web television series The Angry Video Game Nerd, a joint production of Rolfe's Cinemassacre Productions, GameTrailers, and ScrewAttack. V 1 Comment
50 Cinnamontoastken

Okay... Honestly, KEN IS MY FAVORITE YOUTUBER. I don't know why he is so far dow n on this list, maybe because he is not very well, known. But, he has a GREAT sense of humor... And he always makes me laugh

Good, professional-looking videos and generally manages to keep it entertaining, which is one of the most important qualities in a youtube gamer--that most others lack.

I really enjoy him, he's wonderful. Amazing beard, amazing voice, great sense of humor. I humble, down-to-earth guy indeed.

Ken is one of my FAVORITE you tubers ( besides pewdiepie) he makes me laugh like crazy. I love how he's always playing around in Garry's mod!
He has a great sense of humor and I never want him to change!
Stay toasty my friends is one of my favorite YouTuber sayings

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51 NateWantsToBattle

He's my favorite singer out of anyone, including the big popular people.

He writes amazing songs and is SO talented! He's a great guy overall, and should totally be higher in the list. Love you, Nate! --Mitchie

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He is good at commentary, and does not have annoying fake enthusiasm like many other gamers on youtube, and he uploads a lot of videos, so you will never be kept waiting.

This guy is awesome. His 'no stealth' rule is funny and irritating
plays almost all kinds of game and he should be number 2

Amazing humor! Some YouTubers seem so over the top and fake, but Seamus is just his sarcastic, unimpressed self. Love watching him play games and make a lot of mistakes.

I love his humor, his sarcasm is great. He is my favorite Creature and my favorite gamer in general.

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53 Caddicarus Caddicarus Caddicarus (James Caddick) is a British YouTuber who started YouTubing around May of 2012. He makes reviews on Sundays, with the Caddicarus show, and he makes random videos on Wednesdays with the Caddy show.

I am in love with caddy best game reviews ever absolutely hilarious and he covers retro games as well as all the new releases new video every Sunday is the highlight of my week

Hilarious, I've watched almost all of his videos. I crack myself up in every one. My favorite is Peter Pancreas and Snow white

You will be convinced he belongs in an insane asylum after watching some of his videos, but you will be entertained.

Make sure to drink lots of miluk - Disasterpiece

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54 YogscastSips

Sips almost got mired down in the also-ran stuff of other gaming channels (IE: stupid jump-scare videos playing scary video games other channels play, Happy Wheels videos, etc). But, he branched off with his own style. His "Evening with Sips" videos show-cased weird or good games that were getting little love from others. They provided a one-off showing that didn't make him feel forced to crank out content on it for the sake of content. He went back to play old games and generate episodes, but he would put them to bed and call it quits when it was getting stale. He's funny, because he's always so positive and laid back about things where-as other channels have folks wigging out and acting high on drugs. He's a relateable guy, and it's just entertaining watching him play some games since you can tell he's just being himself instead of mugging for the camera or trying to act outlandish for the sake of views.

Sips almost got mired down in also-ran stuff (IE: jump-scare videos, Happy Wheels videos, etc). But, he branched off with his own style. His "Evening with Sips" videos show-cased weird or good games that were getting little love from others. They provided a one-off showing that didn't make him feel forced to crank out content on it for the sake of content. He's positive, laid back, and you feel like this is how he really is instead of him forcing a persona to be entertaining.

The real guy the only guy

The ultimate Dad

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55 AntVenom

Really good at commentating about minecraft

And just a really lovely guy

Really check him out totally

SOURCES: Guess (my brain you idiot

Whats this guy doing down here he's number 1 bij a mile

He's so cool and I love him and his videos so much!

Best theory commenter on minecraft

56 MinecraftUniverse

I love Minecraft universe! He is sweet and kind, only a little rude sometimes?

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57 BasicallyIDoWrk

There's nothing quite as funny as watching this guy play a calm round of DeathRun and listening to the rage-filled screams punctuate the air! Seriously, though, Marcel stands out in a crowd like crazy!

These guy is so funny ahaha I laugh just thinking of some of his vidoes

I'm voting your friends vannos you nogla and delireous

58 Dorkly

He basically uses Wikipedia for source, turned peach to a swearing demon, and makes a 13 year old swear. - Maddox121

He is cool I guess

They are smart alexs - Maddox121

59 WhiteBoy7thst

WhiteBoy, you're the best! You inspired me to play Call of Duty and I think you deserve the number one spot on YouTube, keep up the amazing work!

He make great Call of Duty videos and always does jokes in his video and tells stuff about the game and his life

Funniest commentator on YouTube you keep your videos original and unique.

He's the GOAT from the old times and he's making the top tens every week for BF1. How is he this low on the list?

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60 kootra

He's just really down to earth. Just a guy playing games and enjoying himself

Maturity, Kootra never swears or does anything in poor taste.

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