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601 PopularMMOs

Pat and jen should be in top 10 they have over 8,000,000 subscribers I mean come on but for the people in top 10 congrats *cough even though pat and jen should be in the top ten *cough

How are Pat and Jen this low? They should be in the top 10, even though they only play Minecraft.

He and his girlfriend GamingWithJen make Minecraft Videos together and have made up characters and funny saying and are kid friendly. Most of all he isn't who he seems

Popular sould be in top ten becuse he is the best youtuber

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602 The Scatsbury

This guy is extremely underrated. He deserves Markiplier's sub count, and markiplier deserves pewdiepie's you should check him out

603 The JWittz
604 Graser10

Seriously? No other reviews? This guy deserves to be higher on this list! - TheParasiter

605 Strauberryjam
606 Thatonetomahawk
607 ReviewTechUSA

What can you say? Who doesn't like rich.

608 Gamergod88

Best gamer ever 10/-10.

609 Smg64

HOW IS HE THIS LOW, I mean sure he doesn't have the best humor, but he certainly doesn't deserve to be at number 705.

610 KityKaty Productions
611 Got Drums
612 TamilGaming

This channel is must for gamers living in Tamil Nadu (A state in India). I can say they are the best gamers in Tamil Nadu

613 BdoubleO100

He has 1 mil sub's and to me one of the only you tubers that constantly keeps me laughing and wanting more!

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614 The Completionist The Completionist

The show sucks without Greg

615 GrantyGame
616 Super Panic Frenzy

An incredibly amazing channel. combine the hilarious mlgHwnt with the adorable Reina Scully And you get this masterpiece.

617 Gamechive

Long plays of many games. Thorough, no talking or commentary. 100% game play through / long plays.

618 MovieStarKitten
619 Cameron Dallas Cameron Dallas
620 Jacy2244
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