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601 The Kamloops Gameanators Games
602 NerusGod
603 Athix Gaming
604 Allthattek

They are new but they are pretty awesome so far! - maxamillion2020

605 Tmartn2
606 Bart Baker Bart Baker

Funny but bad things.

607 One F Jef (Jefmajor)

Absolutely hilarious YouTuber with a great sense of humour and a kind personality, who specialises in indie games, simulators and huge complex games no one ever heard of.

V 1 Comment
608 CherryDusGaming GamingChannel

I think this guy is a growing YouTuber who should get more subs!
He has three videos and they are all great quality!

609 BrendanGaming
610 BlazeLifehammer

Great channel, especially for Wizard101 fans

611 Darecottonmoon
612 402THUNDER402
613 The Rad Brad

Is great at all games doesn't play Minecraft, more of a ps4,Xbox, and pic gamer

614 Nkuch
615 Enragedcinema
616 DangerDolan

I love this do and his brother hellbent

617 KawaiiSimmerr

Does sims, Minecraft, and soon other random games, too. Makes lots of videos, very good ones, sometimes does face cam, I really enjoy watching them and I check everyday to see if something new is up to watch. She's an amazing YouTuber and one of the best for sure, regardless of what anyone else says.

618 ChicksCanGame

She's a sims, Minecraft, and random game YouTuber, includes some face cam and enjoys doing it. She's one of my favourite
YouTubers ever.

619 SlimShady Gaming V 1 Comment
620 SkyVsGaming

He makes daily and hilarious video with his companions.

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